Hello and welcome to By The Stand!

Before we go any further, I often get asked, “what’s with ‘By The Stand’? Why did you call your blog that?”

Rather than go into a long drawn out explanation, why don’t I just show you…12002909_992021494175559_8191384248137577885_n

This is “The Stand” (Decked out for Fall, of course). The Stand was custom designed and built by my uncle using all recycled materials. “By The Stand” is where I do all my best DIYs! I use the stand as a place to create DIYs, we use it as a “stage” for our DIY videos and it sits outside of our store in Thamesford, Ontario, Canada. Hence the name โ€” By The Stand. It is because of this stand and our store in Thamesford that I fell in love with DIY and DIY is also what led me to create this blog.

Let me give you a little background history. My mother and I run a cute little boutique in Thamesford called Gracie’s Place, but it is so much more than just a boutique. We have flowers, gifts, candles, handmade items and so much more. Most of the DIYs that I make go in the store to sell. (A select few I just have to keep for myself!) We knew this place could be so much more than just a store, though. We work together as a family and everyone plays their part. I have two sisters who have caught on to the DIY bug, and love to help out! My uncle (as mentioned before, who built the stand) is a very talented contractor/carpenter, and of course, I can not forget my mother. She is the real brains behind the operation! Some days I like to pretend that I am the boss, though โ€” just for fun. We are just getting started on this amazing journey and we hope that you will come back often to keep in the loop!



25 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi,
    Do you sell online? I am starting to sell online.
    I met you at Roberta’s blog party. Maybe you can check out my blog if you need a blogging tip or two. That’s what I write about.
    I am having my own blog party today and I would love for you to come.

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  2. Excited to see some DIY ideas. I live in North Eastern Manitoba and love DIYing.
    I was raised on a farm in Southern Manitoba and making things with your hands
    was a great pleasure.

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  3. Love the stand! That is so cool that you have a store where you can sell all of your DIYs and such. That is my dream, to be able to have a cute little boutique where I can sell things I love and make. I found your blog through the DecoArt blogger program and so glad I did!



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