DIY Rustic Countryside Table


OH man! What another gorgeous day we had today!! I took full advantage and spent the majority of the day outside!  I was able to finally do a DIY that I have wanted to do for such a long time!

I have had this kickin’ around forever!


I didn’t have the table top, but my DIY intuition was telling me not to get rid of  a great set of legs like this! Great legs are hard to come by, you know! I wish I had a set of great legs 😉

Today was the day that I pulled this table base out of the back, and finally gave it new life! It is a French Countryside Pedestal table, so I thought it only fitting to give it a real country style look. I think it turned out pretty well! Let me know what you think…comment below and in the meantime, take a look at how I did it!

First thing I had to do was find some wood for the table top…well, would you look at that!?


My mom and I have this saying… “Thamesford will provide”. You see when we bought this turn of the century home, we didn’t know it would be filled with so many hidden DIY materials. This fence is out back behind the store and definitely needs to come down, but the boards are NOT going to the trash. These are DIY gold!


So I got out the recip saw (I LOVE the recip saw!!) and started cutting.


DIY GOLD!! Just look at all that rustic goodness!

**Important Note — We are going to use this table outside as a plant stand, but if you are making a table top out of rustic wood for indoor use you will want to take the proper steps to sanitize the wood

I measured the wood on the top of the pedestal to see how big to make my circle.


I like my tape measure like I like my projects…rustic LOL

I got my materials to help me make a perfect circle. This is a great and easy way to make a circle when cutting plank boards of any kind!

All you need is:

  • A hammer
  • A nail
  • Tape measure
  • String
  • Pen or pencil


Using your tape measure figure out where the middle is. My boards measured 33 inches wide, so my middle was 16 1/2 inches.


Once you have your middle mark, hammer a nail into your mark. You don’t have to hammer too far, just enough that your nail doesn’t wobble.


Tie your string around your nail. Make sure you don’t tie your string too tight because you want the sting to be able to move easily.2016-05-29_21.07.08_wm.jpg

Cut your piece of string according to how large you want your circle to be and then tie the end of your string around your pen or pencil. Holding your pen really steady, start to draw a circle. The string will guide you. Pretty cool, right?


Now get out your jig saw and start cuttin’!


I know I said I LOVE my recip saw, but I really LOVE my jigsaw, too!

There ya go! A perfect circle!


To attach all the boards together, I used a couple of 2x4s cut to size, and screwed them into the back of the circle.


Next, I had to remove the bolts that were sticking up on the top of the pedestal legs. These weren’t necessary, and if I didn’t remove them my table top wouldn’t sit flush.


Once I removed the bolts, the white piece wasn’t attached to the pedestal anymore, so I just took some long decking screws and attached it again.

I flipped the pedestal over on top of my table top (which was place upside down on the ground) and I screwed the white table top base into my wood circular table top.

Flipped er’ back up and this is what she looks like!


Love it!! I also love the little knot in the wood that fell out of the edge when I was cutting. It adds a little character. The legs were already rustic and banged up so it fit with the whole style of the table and the look that I was going for.


Who wouldn’t want to sit by this table and read a good book with a great cup of tea!?


Let me know what you think! Comment below! I have another one of these Countryside pedestals, so I think I am going to have to make another one!! If you have any ideas for my second one, send them my way!!



Day Trippin’


Hey guys! I took a little break for DIYn’ to venture out on a little day trip! The hubs and I took the kids to Rock Glen Waterfalls in Arkona, Ontario. The Rock Glen waterfalls are located inside the Rock Glen Conservation Area, which is known for its fossil deposits and indigenous artifact collection.

My daughter has this thing for rocks and fossils. She loves collecting rocks, so I knew she would love going to look at the fossils in the museum and even more, she would love looking for her own fossils at the waterfall. Unfortunately, she didn’t find any fossils, but was able to score some really pretty rocks to add to her collection. All it cost us was $4.00 to park the car and $30 at Burger King for lunch (BK was the kid’s pick!). All around it was a fantabulous day! (I am regretting the whopper, though.)


This pic was taken in memory of my grandfather. He loved the day trips! He was always making us stand in front of historical signs and have our picture taken… I will carry on this tradition for him! The kids love it!


We had amazing weather for our little trip today, too! Day trips are great when the weather cooperates!


Made it to the falls, and they are beautiful! We didn’t know that you could swim underneath them, though… wished we would of brought our suits! (It was 34 degrees, but felt like 50!) There was spritz from the falls, so at least that was refreshing.


My fondest memories from when I was a kid are of little trips with my family like this! I want to create as many memories like this for my kids! I would rather fill my children’s lives with experiences and not things. I would rather them have stories to tell than stuff to show!

There was even a cute little park! What kid doesn’t love swings?

Every summer has a story, so what will your story be this summer?


Comment below and share your best summer stories with me! What fun and exciting things do you do with your kids in the summer!?

Ohhh…. and then there was this….


We didn’t want the fun to stop, so when we got home we busted out the four wheeler. It may only be a kids toy…but man that thing can sure whip LOL jk! We were actually going so slow in this pic I thought we were moving backwards, but Dougie loved it! (and I was having a blast, too!).


Brand New Entry Way

So this past week I took a step away from the Stand and decided to do some updating in my own home! It all started with my entryway table… ugh… I hated that thing. It was some cheap piece from Wal-Mart. It had a glass centerpiece that was forever collecting dust and terribly hard to clean. My husband liked it, though. Why, I will never know. But anyways, this is what I did to it!

ewt2.pngTa-Da! Pretty cool, right? Just wait till you see it all put together…that’s right I didn’t stop with the table!

But first, let me show you how I transformed this table! First thing I did was take out the glass, sand it down and painted it white. (Sorry, I was in the zone… no pics of this step)

Then I had these pieces of trim, that were given to me by a friend who was cleaning out his workshop (Sweeeet!) I love free stuff!!


These pieces of trim fit perfectly width wise… crazy, right? Meant to be! I did however, have to cut the length a bit.


The trim was white, and that just would’t work, so I chose a nice blue color. It is from Country Chic Paints and the shade is Elegance.. I love it! One of my favs!

To attach the board into the centerpiece where the glass use to be, I simply just screwed in some support beams using scrap wood.


This stuff is my best friend!! Antiquing Wax from Country Chic Paints. You just rub it on and rub it in, and it give your furniture that rustic character.


So I put everything back together …


Except now I had a problem… my walls brought the whole look down…ugh! Way too much white!! Well I had to do something about that, so what did I do? …


I PAINTED THE WALL!! 🙂 A nice coat of paint can fix anything!!


Way better, right? What do you think? Let me know!! Comment below!


I just love my old postage pillows, too!!

Share your home projects with me! I am always looking for more inspiration!! 🙂


Party like a pineapple

So a while ago I promised a tutorial for my pinecone pineapple… so as promised, here it is!

party like a pineapple, crafts, how to, painting

So this unique little pinecone pineapple has quite the back story. Many of you know that as well as blogging, I work for Diply as a DIY Content Writer. When I am done writing an article I send it off to my amazing editor. Well this particular editor, as awesome as she is… hates pineapples. Actually, LOATHES pineapples. Knowing this, I chose to have a little fun with her one day, and I put in a little dig in my article about loving pineapples. It went something to the effect of, “who doesn’t love pineapples, right?” We both had a little giggle about it, and I am glad she doesn’t mind us (me and the other DIY writers) having fun with her and her aversions to pineapples. So to make “amends” I decided she needed a little pineapple for her desk, so I made her this…


She LOVED it… but she still doesn’t like pineapples! But that’s ok!

This little pinecone pineapple is so cute and super fun to make, so I thought I would share the instructions with you all!

Step 1

Head outside and gather some pinecones. I found this BIG score by the side of the road… I kid you not, basket and all… it was just sitting there ready for the garbage man to pick it up. I am glad I spotted it first!

party like a pineapple, crafts, how to, painting

Seriously… it even had the packaging crinkles (or whatever that stuff is called) in the basket!

Step 2

Lay out your pinecones in an area that is safe for spray painting and spray paint your pinecones yellow.

party like a pineapple, crafts, how to, painting

I used Krylon in Sun Yellow shade. I did two coats just to make sure I got all the nooks and crannies. You paint one side of the pinecones, wait for it to dry, then flip them over and paint the other side.


To make the leaves you will want to get some of this stuff!

party like a pineapple, crafts, how to, painting

It is an over baked clay. I got this particular kind at Michael’s. Normally I am a dollar store gal, but the dollar store oven-baked clay just sucked! So I sprang for the good stuff!

Step 3

There is no pattern or correct way to make the leaves. I sat down ripped off a piece of clay and started playing with it until I had something that looked like a pineapple leaf. I used a crochet hook to curl the ends to make them look more funky.

party like a pineapple, crafts, how to, painting

Step 4 

Place your clay leaves on a cookie sheet and bake them according to the package instructions. Make sure you put down some tin foil first, though. You don’t want the clay to stick to the cookie sheet.

party like a pineapple, crafts, how to, painting

Step 5 

After you remove your clay leaves from the oven, let them cool. After the leaves are cool, you can paint them. I first used Krylon spray paint in Italian Olive.

I actually don’t have a picture of them with the spray paint on… I decided it was a little too dark, so I hand painted them with a lighter green color. Do yourself a favor and pick the right color the first time… It was a lot of work hand painting those suckers! At this point I was too frustrated and forgot to take a pic! Ooops… sorry!

Step 6 

Using a hot glue gun attach your leaves to the top of your pinecone. A quick tip — move quick! Once you put the hot glue on the leaves the clay becomes a little pliable again, so get it on your pinecone quick and apply pressure with your fingers. Hold the leaf in place until the glue sets. Apply more leaves until you are happy.

party like a pineapple, crafts, how to, painting

Now it’s time to PARTY LIKE A PINEAPPLE!!

party like a pineapple, crafts, how to, painting

Make all kinds of different sizes, too! I LOVE the giant pinecones I found by the side of the road!! They made some super awesome pinecones!

I just love pineapples so much that I needed a mug to match my pinecone pineapples! So I made this mug with my Crircut!

party like a pineapple, crafts, how to, painting

Hope you had a great weekend and as always let me know if you have any questions or comments!

Keep on makin' stuff!


Vintage To Chic Serving Tray

Hey Friends! How was your day today? I hope it was a good one! I got a quick little DIY for you to finish off your day! This is something so simple and easy. Perfect for a day like today. I had a really long day, and then to top it off I came home to find something resembling the Mount Everest of dirty clothes in my kitchen! Our laundry “room”, if you could call it that, is in a closet just off our kitchen… practical, right? NOT!

Anyways… enough with my sob story! Sorry, I just wanted to vent. My point is, when I have had a long day I like to finish it off with a quick and easy DIY! So here it is…

I have had this thing kicking around for a while now. I picked it up at a local thrift store for a buck. I don’t know why, but it just kind of spoke to me!


But it was definitely in need of a little touch up. It was obviously not real silver and there were a couple spots that were starting to rust. I love that it has a mirror base, so I wanted to leave that alone.


I took my handy dandy (yes, I just said that) painters tape and taped off the mirror portion… I have kids, so I can’t help but talk like a cartoon character sometimes!


Time for my favorite part — spray painting! Ohhh I love to spray paint! Capture

For this piece I chose to use a dual superbond paint and primer from Krylon. The shade I chose was Metallic Finish. This spray paint is great because is has maximum rust protection and no sanding or priming is necessary. Just quick and easy spray painting.

I let it dry completely and then removed the painter’s tape! That’s it!


After looking at this picture I thought a nice pop of color was needed, so I added this fun turquoise rustic bird (another piece that spoke to me).


I will let you in on a little secret… that bird? He is from the dollar store! It is one of those ceramic garden pieces that use to be that rust terra cotta pot color and I just painted him! Cute, right?

Well that’s it for me tonight, I guess I am off to do some laundry… boo!

Shoot me a comment if you like this DIY! You can also see this on our Instagram page, as well as many other great things… so head over and check it out!


DIY Shutter Table



So a couple of weekends ago it was community wide spring cleaning! YAY!!! If you don’t know why I am so excited, let me fill you in! Community wide spring cleaning means LOTS of “junk” at the ends of people’s driveways. Some call it junk, I call it DIY gold! My mother and I spent that weekend driving around scoring tons of great materials for DIY projects. I should be doing my own spring cleaning, but I can’t pass up an opportunity to score some treasure… you know what they say, “one man’s trash is a DIYer’s treasure.” That’s how it goes right? Works for me!

One of the coolest things I scored on my “treasure hunt” was an old shutter. I love old shutters! Today, I thought I would share with you this fun project! I turned this shutter into a cute little table! Let me show you how it’s done!

This is what I started with — an old shutter and four legs from a coffee table I took apart for a different project. (Never, ever throw anything away! You never know when it will come in handy)


For my shutter table, I really wanted to keep with the rustic look. I liked that the shutter was beat up a little bit and looking a little rough, so I kept it just as it was. It did need a good dusting, though.


For the legs, I wanted a slight color change. I found this beautiful blush pink color in a chalked spray paint… I LOVE IT!


Since the legs were a dark wood color, I painted them with a base coat of flat white enamel paint, prior to spraying on the blushed pink. (btw — I LOVE SPRAY PAINT!)


To attach the legs to the shutter I used L brackets and screws.





What do you think? Let me know by commenting below!


I am absolutely in love with this piece! Of course, my opinion may be a little biased as I made it, so please let me know what you think!