Vintage To Chic Serving Tray

Hey Friends! How was your day today? I hope it was a good one! I got a quick little DIY for you to finish off your day! This is something so simple and easy. Perfect for a day like today. I had a really long day, and then to top it off I came home to find something resembling the Mount Everest of dirty clothes in my kitchen! Our laundry “room”, if you could call it that, is in a closet just off our kitchen… practical, right? NOT!

Anyways… enough with my sob story! Sorry, I just wanted to vent. My point is, when I have had a long day I like to finish it off with a quick and easy DIY! So here it is…

I have had this thing kicking around for a while now. I picked it up at a local thrift store for a buck. I don’t know why, but it just kind of spoke to me!


But it was definitely in need of a little touch up. It was obviously not real silver and there were a couple spots that were starting to rust. I love that it has a mirror base, so I wanted to leave that alone.


I took my handy dandy (yes, I just said that) painters tape and taped off the mirror portion… I have kids, so I can’t help but talk like a cartoon character sometimes!


Time for my favorite part — spray painting! Ohhh I love to spray paint! Capture

For this piece I chose to use a dual superbond paint and primer from Krylon. The shade I chose was Metallic Finish. This spray paint is great because is has maximum rust protection and no sanding or priming is necessary. Just quick and easy spray painting.

I let it dry completely and then removed the painter’s tape! That’s it!


After looking at this picture I thought a nice pop of color was needed, so I added this fun turquoise rustic bird (another piece that spoke to me).


I will let you in on a little secret… that bird? He is from the dollar store! It is one of those ceramic garden pieces that use to be that rust terra cotta pot color and I just painted him! Cute, right?

Well that’s it for me tonight, I guess I am off to do some laundry… boo!

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