Day Trippin’


Hey guys! I took a little break for DIYn’ to venture out on a little day trip! The hubs and I took the kids to Rock Glen Waterfalls in Arkona, Ontario. The Rock Glen waterfalls are located inside the Rock Glen Conservation Area, which isΒ known for its fossil deposits and indigenous artifact collection.

My daughter has this thing for rocks and fossils. She loves collecting rocks, so I knew she would love going to look at the fossils in the museum and even more, she would love looking for her own fossils at the waterfall. Unfortunately, she didn’t find any fossils, but was able to score some really pretty rocks to add to her collection.Β All it cost us was $4.00 to park the car and $30 at Burger King for lunch (BK was the kid’s pick!). All around it was a fantabulous day! (I am regretting the whopper, though.)


This pic was taken in memory of my grandfather. He loved the day trips! He was always making us stand in front of historical signs and have our picture taken… I will carry on this tradition for him! The kids love it!


We had amazing weather for our little trip today, too! Day trips are great when the weather cooperates!


Made it to the falls, and they are beautiful! We didn’t know that you could swim underneath them, though… wished we would of brought our suits! (It was 34 degrees, but felt like 50!) There was spritz from the falls, so at least that was refreshing.


My fondest memories from when I was a kid are of little trips with my family like this! I want to create as many memories like this for my kids! I would rather fill my children’s lives with experiences and not things. I would rather them have stories to tell than stuff to show!

There was even a cute little park! What kid doesn’t love swings?

Every summer has a story, so what will your story be this summer?


Comment below and share your best summer stories with me! What fun and exciting things do you do with your kids in the summer!?

Ohhh…. and then there was this….


We didn’t want the fun to stop, so when we got home we busted out the four wheeler. It may only be a kids toy…but man that thing can sure whip LOL jk! We were actually going so slow in this pic I thought we were moving backwards, but Dougie loved it! (and I was having a blast, too!).



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