9pm Piñata


So this past weekend we had a big celebration for my Grandma’s birthday and knowing that there was going to be a bunch of kids at the celebration, I wanted a fun game for them to play… and what kid doesn’t love a piñata? There was one small problem, though — I kinda left things to the last minute. So there I was the night before the party, nine o’clock at night making a pinata! This DIY took me about 2 1/2 hours to make. (If you want to make it, it will probably take less time due to the fact that I was taking pics)

I am so glad that I fought through my tiredness and made this piñata because the kids LOVED it! The piñata was a huge hit! So if you want to make a popsicle piñata for your next party just follow these instructions!



  • Cardboard box
  • Three different colors of tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Painters tape or masking tape
  • Marker
  • Heavy Packing tape
  • Twine (not pictured)
  • Light cardboard (not pictured)
  • CANDY or Small toys

Step 1

Using the large side of the box, draw a popsicle like shape. It is a super easy shape to draw, so I just drew it free hand.


Step 2

Using your scissors cut out the popsicle shape


Or… do as I did and switch to a knife. It was a lot easier to cut this thick cardboard with a large kitchen knife. Just be careful 🙂


Step 3

Place the piece that you just cut out on the other side of the box and trace around it. This is just so both popsicle pieces are the same size. Cut out your second popsicle piece.


Step 4

Make a loop with a piece of twine and tape it on the inside of one of your popsicle pieces. I use painters tape and then several pieces of heavy packing tape over top.

**After using the piñata this weekend, I have to say that the tape didn’t hold up… at all. It actually fell out before we even hung it up. So the next time I will use a heavy duty glue (like E6000) and then the tape.


Step 5

Next I took my lighter cardboard, cut it to size, and taped it in between the two popsicle shapes using the painters tape. You don’t want a heavy duty tape for this part, especially if it will be younger kids trying to break the piñata.



Step 6

STUFF IT! I like to do a mix of candy and some small toys, too!


Step 7

Take a piece of cardboard from the box you cut the popsicle shapes from, and cut a strip to fit the bottom opening. Tap it on with the packing tape.


Step 8

I cut my tissue paper into strips and then frayed the bottoms by cutting it with scissors. Using white craft glue, I glued the strips on in pattern that I liked.


I also cut a popsicle stick shape out of some cardboard and taped it on the bottom. (Sorry I don’t have a pic of this step… this was at about midnight and I was spent!)


So that’s pretty much it! One popsicle piñata ready for a party!

The kids couldn’t wait to take a swing at this thing!

Since my twine hanger fell out we had to improvise with what we had 😉


So let me know what you think of this one, guys! And as always, leave me some love below!!

Til’ next time!




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