It’s T-shirt Time!


Hey guys! So I have been seeing a lot of really great DIYs on how to upcycle and revamp an old t-shirt. I have wanted to do one for a while now, and last night I decided that it was the night to finally do a T-shirt makeover. I had one small problem, though. I didn’t have a plain t-shirt. Weird, I know, but all my t-shirts have some sort of logo on them. Then I got the brilliant idea to use one of the hubby’s tees. It was perfect!

This T-shirt makeover is so easy to do, just follow these simple steps and you can make your own, too!



For this DIY you will need:

  • T-shirt
  • Fabric
  • Button
  • Iron
  • Iron on adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Pocket template*

*For the template for the pocket I used a free printable from Oh the lovely things blog.


Step 1 

Print out your template and cut it out. Lay your template on your t-shirt where you would like your pocket to be. This is just to double check the size and positioning.


Step 2 

Lay your template down on your fabric and cut your fabric pocket.


Step 3

Once you have your fabric cut, you are now going to cut out the inner shape on your template.


Step 4

Lay your new template in the middle of your fabric, making sure that your fabric is right side down. Fold the edges of the fabric over top of the template and then press with an iron.


Step 5 

For this step I would suggest fabric glue, not hot glue. This is all I had, though. So I went with it! Glue the edges in that you pressed with the iron.


Once you have glued the edges, this is what it should look like…2016-06-09_22.56.45_wm

Lookin’ like a pocket!

Step 6

Cut out a piece of iron on adhesive. I did just the outer edges. My pocket is just for design, not a functioning pocket. I wanted a really good seal, but I also didn’t want it to be too rigid and stiff.


Step 7

Iron on the adhesive to the back of your fabric, remove the paper liner, and then iron on your pocket to your shirt! It’s that simple! No sewing needed!


Step 8 

Time to ditch the hems! I tried my new pocketed shirt on, but it still looked like my husband’s gym shirt, so I decided to cut off the hems.


After cutting off all the hems, I tried it back on, again. It still didn’t look right, so I decided to cut up the back. I don’t have a picture of this, but it is super easy! Lay your shirt on a flat surface and cut straight up the back, all the way until it is completely open.

Step 9 

Now I needed to attach the back at the top. I have seen other DIYers use velcro, but I wanted something a little more fancier… and I have quite the button collection. (This isn’t even half of what I have!)2016-06-09_23.03.51_wm

After about 20 minutes of searching through buttons, I narrowed it down to these.


And then after about another 10 minutes, I finally decided on this beaut.  What do you think? Which button would you have picked? 2016-06-09_23.04.55_wm

Step 10 

Sew on your button at the very top of the back of your shirt. You just want to connect the two sides of the shirt at the very top, now that it is cut.


Now you have this super cute peek-a-boo back.


I couldn’t wait to wear my new top! You wouldn’t even recognize that this use to be my hubby’s t-shirt!


I am so happy with how this little project turned out!


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