Rustic Picture Holder


Hey everybody! It’s Mandy here, and I thought I would share with you a neat little project that I did. You mostly hear from Holly on here, but I can’t let her have all the spotlight! πŸ˜‰ (and fun!)

We were working out in the backyard of the store the other day, and we were busy taking down the old, fence. Since we have DIY blood flowing through our veins, we never, ever throw out anything! You never know what you can turn something into. We were left with all these small pieces of wood from the corner fencing, and I knew that they could be turned into something. This is what I came up with ….Β 13493361_10154299060539851_1199376828_o (1)

This DIY is so quick and easy! So find yourself a piece of rustic wood, a little rope and get craftin’! And, in case you are wondering, that is my beautiful mother in that pic alongside our dear Auntie Grace. Auntie Grace was the center of our whole family, and we even named our store for her! (Gracie’s Place)


  • Piece of rustic wood (can be any size you like, just big enough to fit a picture)
  • Rope
  • Craft glue
  • Scrap booking Stickers (I got mine from the dollar store)
  • Contact cement
  • Scissors
  • Metal clip (purchased this from Micheal’s)
  • Hammer
  • Picture hanger



Step 1

The first thing I always do when I am making something that will be hung on the wall, is hammer my picture hanger on the back. We have learned the hard way why this is so important. It is very hard to put on a picture hanger if you have a bunch of bulky items on the front. Plus, it can ruin your stuff on the front, too!


Step 2

Start by taking your rope and wrap it around your piece of wood, starting about half an inch from the bottom. Make sure that you secure the rope with the contact cement as you are wrapping.Β 13461031_10154299060709851_238855437_o

** I used contact cement because I wanted a really strong glue for the rope and that is what I had on hand. It worked really well! That’s the great thing about DIY β€” you never know until you try! You could also use E6000.

Step 3

Cut the rope off after you have wrapped the rope around three times.


Make sure that the cut ends of your rope are on the same side of your piece of wood. Secure both ends with a bit of contact cement.Β 13493248_10154299060819851_86449939_o

Step 4

Take off a sticker of your choice, and using craft glue, glue it to the rope. This is where you use your own creativity. Use as many or as little stickers as you see fit! Allow the craft glue time to dry.


Step 5

Use the contact cement to glue your metal clip in place. Allow at least 12 hours for this to fully dry before placing any pictures on it.

Now all that’s left to do is to attach a picture and hang up your piece!

13493361_10154299060539851_1199376828_o (1)

Easy, right?

What do you think? Is there anything you would of done differently? Let us know, by commenting below!

I may not be back for a while, as my daughter Holly does most of the blogging, but rest assured that I am here behind the scenes. Me and my DIY doggy Bella,are always keeping busy!



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