DIY Rustic Barn-Style Shutter And Wreath

shutter and wreath.png

Good evening everybody! Today we had just a hint of cooler weather, and when I say hint I mean there was a little bit of a breeze and the air was perfect. This got me thinking of fall… I LOVE FALL! It is my favorite season. I love the weather, the smells, the fairs and apple picking. Fall will be here before we know it, so I thought I would make a rustic piece for my front porch today. This project is so easy and the best part is I used an old pallet to make this barn style shutter. I have been looking high and low for an old style shutter to use as decor on my front porch, and I thought I would end my search and just make one myself.

I found this pallet sitting by the side of the road โ€” one of my favorite places to “shop”.


It is not a full pallet, so it fit quite nicely in my trunk ๐Ÿ™‚

I took out my reciprocating saw, and got to work cutting apart the boards from the middle support.


I love using the recip saw!

After I had all the boards apart, I arrange the three long ones parallel to each other, and then I cut the two shorted support piece to fit the width of the three long boards.


I found a long piece of wood from my scrap pile to use for the diagonal board (the Z pattern)


I measured and cut the board to fit.


Now all that was left to do was to attach it all. I used my air compressor and nail gun to do this.


Ta-da! A rustic barn-style shutter


I love my “new” shutter, however, I did think that it needed a punch of color for the upcoming fall season. A simple yellow wreath made from colored burlap.

This wreath is easy to make. I cut the burlap into strips, and then all I did was slid it up from the underside of the wire wreath frame and then twist it and tie with a piece of wire.


Sometimes these things are easier to see in a video. Here you can see the wreath being made.

Don’t mind the noise coming from my kids in the background lol

I put a hook onto to my shutter so that I could hang my wreath on it.



14114745_10154486240514851_4483996_o14113845_10154486239389851_1456005993_o14087500_10154486239204851_981343325_o14074972_10154486239034851_1554956221_o14074972_10154486239034851_1554956221_o (1)

What do you think? Not bad for a pallet picked up from the side of the road, eh?

Keep on makin' stuff!


Old Chair, New Paint


Hey guys! I am rolling out another tutorial from my office reno! In the spotlight today is my desk chair.

I found this desk chair…. you guessed it! In the back of the store. Where else, right? For those of you that are new to the blog, I find a lot of my materials in the back of the turn of the century home that our store is in. When my uncle bought this home the previous owners left behind a MOUNTAIN of old furniture and “junk”. I use the term junk very loosely, because I have found so much cool stuff back there! Like this chair for example…14074569_10154472690679851_240981820_o

This chair is a great sturdy little chair, but it needed a fresh new look. So I got out some paint, well not just any paint โ€” Country Chic paint. I love this stuff! You may have heard of it before. They were featured on Dragon’s Den.ย 14074313_10154472690544851_811399561_oFor this chair, I chose Vanilla Frosting… or as I like to call it the perfect shade or white, and antiquingย wax. Antiquing wax is amazing stuff! Wait till you see it on this chair!

First thing I had to do was take the seat of the chair. This was super easy! Just need to unscrew the screws from the bottom.ย 14037765_10154472690419851_2129798257_o

And then I got to painting.ย 14045500_10154472690314851_1739886809_oI did two coats of the Country Chic paint. I probably could have gotten away with one if I used a primer, but I didn’t have any primer on hand.

In between coats, I prepared the seat. I found this fabric at a fabric store that was going out of business. I got 5 yards of this stuff for 3 bucks!!!14060150_10154472690604851_732346572_o

The first time I reupholstered, I was nervous to say the least, but seat pads are probably the easiest thing to reupholster.

Place your fabric right side down, and then place your seat pad on top with the bottom facing up.

I always start with the corners first. I don’t know if this is right or wrong, but it works for me! Make sure you pull the fabric tight to avoid bubbling fabric. I use just a regular staple gun for this.


And I must apologize, I am a terrible DIY blogger. I don’t know where my head was at this day, but I didn’t take any pictures of me applying the antiquing wax, but you know what that means. I will just have to do another project and use it!! I will take any excuse to use that stuff. It is so easy to work with. You just use a dry, clean cloth to rub it on the areas where you want a little definition and then give it a wipe. It’s that easy!

14075044_10154472690634851_1514036554_o14075060_10154472690934851_1865835086_oI love my new chair! What do you think? Let me know!


From Headboard To Chalkboard


Hello friends! Boy, do I have a good one today! This blog post is brought to you by my friends over at DecoArt. Their line of paints are seriously to die for! Easy to use, and their bright crisp colors will leave your projects looking ahhhmazing!

You can check out their products here.

The paint that I used for this project is from theย Americana Chalky Finish line. I am seriously in LOVE with this stuff.ย 13987753_10154455141519851_1840341918_o

Without further ado, let’s get into the project!

So this is what I started withย 13978233_10154455141354851_1379853839_o

I know some may get upset with what I did next…13987154_10154455141434851_296429086_oI started with my reciprocating saw and I cut off the spindle posts. Don’t worry I didn’t toss them. I reused them for another amazing project (that will be coming soon). 13978281_10154455141509851_1100104042_oI still have the second part of the headboard that I can repurpose into something else, too.

Then I got to work with the Americana Chalky Finish paint. The shade is Refreshing and it is gorgeous!ย 13978266_10154455141364851_1872613934_o

I can’t get over how easy this stuff is to work with. You just paint and the product does all the work! 14012360_10154455140789851_847464143_oI left some of the edges unpainted and let the natural wood show through. This was just so I could get a really rustic look.

Next, I painted the inside part with Americana Chalkboard Paint.ย 14002515_10154455140794851_1588786388_o

Another fabulous product from DecoArt.ย chalkboard

Once the chalkboard paint had dried, all that was left to do was set up my new chalkboard!

Take a look…14012587_10154455141409851_219314450_o (1)

Ahhhhh….I am in LOVE!14012529_10154455141764851_2017316579_o

So there you have it! A brand new chalkboard from an old headboard.

Head over and check out DecoArt, you won’t be upsetย when you buyย some of this paint! Seriously, it has transformed the way I do my DIYs!

Til’ next time!



Easy Wall Art

header.pngGood evening guys! Well it is almost midnight, so I just have a quick little project for you. I said that I would be rolling out all the how to’s from my office reno, so here is the first. This is quick and easy way to add a little art to any room.

This project is sooooo easy!

I found these two old frames, kickin’around. If you follow my blog and read my posts you probably have notice that I say that a lot, but I really do have a lot of stuff just kickin’ around! One of these days I am gonna take a pic of the back of our store just to show you our DIY gold mine ๐Ÿ˜‰13977926_10154449508924851_1167665208_o

I picked up this package of copper foil printed sheetsย from Michael’s. There are so many good ones in here! These printed sheets are great for all kinds of projects. They are printed on premium card stock and can be used for creating all kinds of custom art. There are 60 sheets in here and with my 50% off coupon it only cost me $10!


Pretty much all I had to do was spray paint my frames to match my decor. I chose my favorite Chalked Spray Paint from Rustoleum.ย 13694130_10154387170694851_1091345673_o

Seriously, I LOVE spray painting!

Ta-da!ย 13987206_10154449508929851_469110682_o

Those gold wreaths? If you love those all they are is gold spray painted grape vine wreaths from the dollar store. Another super simple and inexpensive way to add decor to a room.


By the way… I love pineapples, especially gold copper foil pineapples!

Feel free to send any comments or questions my way!



IF you like this make sure you check out the full Office Reno post!ย officeheader

DIY Twine Wrapped Canister


Hello everybody! I have a fun little project to show you today. I was rooting around at the back of the store the other day, looking for something that I could upcycle and I found this guy…20160626_124345 - Copy

And I thought, that is way to cool to leave like that. So I grabbed a can of Chalk spray paint. Seriously, I love that stuff!ย 2016-07-28_19.27.26 - Copy

Like I always say guys โ€” nice light, and even coats! It’s better to do three light coats then to have one heavy coat full of drips ๐Ÿ˜‰

After my three coats were dry, I sanded the protruding designs that were on the glass. Do you like my manicure? LOL There is not point to me painting my nails. I don’t know why I even botherย 20160626_141416 - Copy

I love how sanding the protruding parts of the glass give this piece such great definition.ย 20160626_141444 - Copy

I still thought that this canister needed a little something else. I had this contact cement out cause we were also making our tire planter. As soon as I saw it, I knew what I wanted to do.ย 20160626_153025 - Copy

I brushes the contact cement on the middle of the canister.20160626_162348 - Copy

And from here, all I did was start wrapping the twine around. Super easy!ย 20160626_162400

I had to apply more contact cement as I worked because it was like a ZILLION degrees out and my contact cement was drying faster than I could get the twine on!ย 20160626_162408When I look at contact cement I get the strongest urge to have apples dipped in caramel sauce. Doesn’t it look like caramel sauce? lol … yummy.

20160626_162833Almost done!

For the lid, I decided I wanted something that looked almost like tin. The lid that was on the canister was just plastic. First I spray painted white, cause I originally thought that I wanted it to match, but I didn’t like that.ย 2016-07-28_19.28.01 - CopyI grabbed some black spray paint and a metallic silver spray paint.ย 20160626_142420 - CopyI spray painted the black first, and then the sliver. While the silver was still a little tacky, I took some sandpaper and just roughed it a little bit. This gave a more realistic look.ย 20160626_142625 - Copy

So, what do you think? Let me know!ย 20160626_17005020160626_170059

As always, I love to hear your comments and opinions! Don’t be shy!

And remember, sharing is caring! If you like this project, share it with your friends!

Hope you come back soon because I have a really cool project that I am working on right now and I can’t wait to share it with you!


A brand new office.. yay!


Hey Guys!!!! Can you tell I am excited!!??? I don’t know what would have given it away! I have something really cool to share with you! I have a brand new office space! We are slowly working away at renovating the old, turn of the century home that we bought, where our store is. My uncle was able to finish another portion of the house so my mother and I moved out the Christmas stock that was monopolizing this room and I was able to move in my office!!!

So after we got all the Christmas stock out, this is what we were working with…13918649_10154431541999851_382233279_o

Since this is a turn of the century home, my uncle took off all the original trim, put up new drywall and then put the original trim back on. Also, my uncle picked the paint color. Not my choice.

So we started plastering over the green. I chose a color called warm taupe, which has a nice pinky hue to it. You know, that real chic antique pink. It is had to pick it up in a picture, though. This is one coat13898533_10154431542509851_1751970448_o (2)

While I was waiting for the first coat to dry, I decided to work on my desk. I found this little beauty in the back of the home. The previous owner had left behind a DIY gold mind. It was filled with all kinds of old furniture.ย 13898618_10154431541544851_1463725253_o (1)

I decided to paint the desk in antique white, but the coolest part is the top! Just you wait!!13918414_10154431541499851_1993483802_o

Pretty cool, right? Those are old fence boards that I found by the side of the road. Score!

Ok now let’s get to the really good stuff! The after shots….


What do you think!? Let me show you a close up of a few things.


These chevron arrows were made with wood that I picked up off the side of the road. I am going to let you in on one of my best secrets… I pick up A LOT of stuff of the side of the road. Ain’t no shame here.ย 13940137_10154431567079851_621682121_o

Theses cute little mason jars I had kickin’ around for a long time. I just added a little chalk paint and some crocheted ribbon from the dollar store.ย 13932240_10154431567349851_2147004217_o

Ohh, and one of my favorites, this chair! Just an old chair that was kicking around in the back, that I reupholstered and painted.


Bella loves the new office, too!

I love the top on my new desk soooo much!!ย 13918416_10154431567214851_388930073_o

There are just so many great things about my new space!ย 13839797_10154431567119851_241752627_o

These pillow covers are from the dollar store!

The deer antlers are a very special addition to my office and something I came up with last minute. It was very spur of the moment. These antlers were my dad’s. He was a hunter and these are from a deer that he had shot and we had hanging in our home when we were kids. A special place in my office, just for my dad.ย 13932261_10154431567309851_1257299595_o

Please let me know what you think! I would love to hear your comments. Also, I will be rolling out tutorials for what you see in the office.

The biggest, most important bit of info I want to share with you before I go โ€” this office only cost me $10 to put together. I kid you not, TEN DOLLARS! I managed to salavage a lot from stuff that I already had kicking around! I am one savy DIYer!

I hope you will come back soon to see how I made the majority of the accents in my office. Looking forward to hearing from you!