From Headboard To Chalkboard


Hello friends! Boy, do I have a good one today! This blog post is brought to you by my friends over at DecoArt. Their line of paints are seriously to die for! Easy to use, and their bright crisp colors will leave your projects looking ahhhmazing!

You can check out their products here.

The paint that I used for this project is from the Americana Chalky Finish line. I am seriously in LOVE with this stuff. 13987753_10154455141519851_1840341918_o

Without further ado, let’s get into the project!

So this is what I started with 13978233_10154455141354851_1379853839_o

I know some may get upset with what I did next…13987154_10154455141434851_296429086_oI started with my reciprocating saw and I cut off the spindle posts. Don’t worry I didn’t toss them. I reused them for another amazing project (that will be coming soon). 13978281_10154455141509851_1100104042_oI still have the second part of the headboard that I can repurpose into something else, too.

Then I got to work with the Americana Chalky Finish paint. The shade is Refreshing and it is gorgeous! 13978266_10154455141364851_1872613934_o

I can’t get over how easy this stuff is to work with. You just paint and the product does all the work! 14012360_10154455140789851_847464143_oI left some of the edges unpainted and let the natural wood show through. This was just so I could get a really rustic look.

Next, I painted the inside part with Americana Chalkboard Paint14002515_10154455140794851_1588786388_o

Another fabulous product from DecoArtchalkboard

Once the chalkboard paint had dried, all that was left to do was set up my new chalkboard!

Take a look…14012587_10154455141409851_219314450_o (1)

Ahhhhh….I am in LOVE!14012529_10154455141764851_2017316579_o

So there you have it! A brand new chalkboard from an old headboard.

Head over and check out DecoArt, you won’t be upset when you buy some of this paint! Seriously, it has transformed the way I do my DIYs!

Til’ next time!




4 thoughts on “From Headboard To Chalkboard

  1. That’s so clever, can’t wait to see what you did with the other half and the spindle posts. P.S. I really need to get myself one of those reciprocating saws 😉

  2. I love their paint too, it’s so easy to find, buy and use. You can’t beat that!

    I am loving your furniture makeover, the color is bang on! I need to stop walking by old headboards and start paying more attention to how I can cut them up! lol I’d like to invite you to share this post and two others with us over at the DI & DI Link Party. I think our followers would love it. It just went live at 3 pm central time. Hope to see you there, if not; Have a great week!

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