Old Chair, New Paint


Hey guys! I am rolling out another tutorial from my office reno! In the spotlight today is my desk chair.

I found this desk chair…. you guessed it! In the back of the store. Where else, right? For those of you that are new to the blog, I find a lot of my materials in the back of the turn of the century home that our store is in. When my uncle bought this home the previous owners left behind a MOUNTAIN of old furniture and “junk”. I use the term junk very loosely, because I have found so much cool stuff back there! Like this chair for example…14074569_10154472690679851_240981820_o

This chair is a great sturdy little chair, but it needed a fresh new look. So I got out some paint, well not just any paint — Country Chic paint. I love this stuff! You may have heard of it before. They were featured on Dragon’s Den. 14074313_10154472690544851_811399561_oFor this chair, I chose Vanilla Frosting… or as I like to call it the perfect shade or white, and antiquing wax. Antiquing wax is amazing stuff! Wait till you see it on this chair!

First thing I had to do was take the seat of the chair. This was super easy! Just need to unscrew the screws from the bottom. 14037765_10154472690419851_2129798257_o

And then I got to painting. 14045500_10154472690314851_1739886809_oI did two coats of the Country Chic paint. I probably could have gotten away with one if I used a primer, but I didn’t have any primer on hand.

In between coats, I prepared the seat. I found this fabric at a fabric store that was going out of business. I got 5 yards of this stuff for 3 bucks!!!14060150_10154472690604851_732346572_o

The first time I reupholstered, I was nervous to say the least, but seat pads are probably the easiest thing to reupholster.

Place your fabric right side down, and then place your seat pad on top with the bottom facing up.

I always start with the corners first. I don’t know if this is right or wrong, but it works for me! Make sure you pull the fabric tight to avoid bubbling fabric. I use just a regular staple gun for this.


And I must apologize, I am a terrible DIY blogger. I don’t know where my head was at this day, but I didn’t take any pictures of me applying the antiquing wax, but you know what that means. I will just have to do another project and use it!! I will take any excuse to use that stuff. It is so easy to work with. You just use a dry, clean cloth to rub it on the areas where you want a little definition and then give it a wipe. It’s that easy!

14075044_10154472690634851_1514036554_o14075060_10154472690934851_1865835086_oI love my new chair! What do you think? Let me know!



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