DIY Rustic Barn-Style Shutter And Wreath

shutter and wreath.png

Good evening everybody! Today we had just a hint of cooler weather, and when I say hint I mean there was a little bit of a breeze and the air was perfect. This got me thinking of fall… I LOVE FALL! It is my favorite season. I love the weather, the smells, the fairs and apple picking. Fall will be here before we know it, so I thought I would make a rustic piece for my front porch today. This project is so easy and the best part is I used an old pallet to make this barn style shutter. I have been looking high and low for an old style shutter to use as decor on my front porch, and I thought I would end my search and just make one myself.

I found this pallet sitting by the side of the road β€” one of my favorite places to “shop”.14060276_10154486240919851_1563578428_o

It is not a full pallet, so it fit quite nicely in my trunk πŸ™‚

I took out my reciprocating saw, and got to work cutting apart the boards from the middle support.Β 14074586_10154486240324851_675075910_o14075176_10154486239239851_402057684_o14113881_10154486239624851_1751321293_o14114499_10154486239284851_5669019_o

I love using the recip saw!14114680_10154486241064851_1955191978_o

After I had all the boards apart, I arrange the three long ones parallel to each other, and then I cut the two shorted support piece to fit the width of the three long boards.


I found a long piece of wood from my scrap pile to use for the diagonal board (the Z pattern)Β 14060449_10154486239179851_832079527_o

I measured and cut the board to fit.Β 14060150_10154486239294851_554126584_o

Now all that was left to do was to attach it all. I used my air compressor and nail gun to do this.

Ta-da! A rustic barn-style shutterΒ 14075201_10154486240354851_377537347_oI love my “new” shutter, however, I did think that it needed a punch of color for the upcoming fall season. A simple yellow wreath made from colored burlap.

This wreath is easy to make. I cut the burlap into strips, and then all I did was slid it up from the underside of the wire wreath frame and then twist it and tie with a piece of wire. 14074579_10154486240739851_1800657274_o14114609_10154486240389851_1973961284_o14114011_10154486240429851_1546483546_o14060476_10154486240109851_47252601_o14123550_10154486239174851_238613240_o

I put a hook onto to my shutter so that I could hang my wreath on it. 14060436_10154486239039851_382695065_o

Viola! 14074972_10154486239034851_1554956221_o (1)14113845_10154486239389851_1456005993_o14114745_10154486240514851_4483996_oΒ What do you think? Not bad for a pallet picked up from the side of the road, eh?



6 thoughts on “DIY Rustic Barn-Style Shutter And Wreath

    • Hello Chrissy! My mother actually did that part. All she did was take a wire wreath form and cut pieces of the burlap. She then took some crafting wire and then attached the pieces she cut to the wreath form.


  1. This was awesome. The best visual step by step instructions with written insurations I have seen since viewing pinrest for two years. Please continue to post. At 70 there are some many ideas I’d like to try with pallets but have been warned they are very difficult to take apart so I have been afraid to try. What type of saw did you use to cut nails so you could take it apart.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Sheryl! Thank you for your kind comment πŸ™‚ I used a reciprocating saw. It is the best one to use to take apart pallets. They are a lot of work to take a part but the reciprocating saw makes it so much easier!


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