Easy Painting!


Hey everybody! I just wanted to share an amazing product with all of you! If you do a lot of painting, you are going to want to keep reading!14466980_10154604391784851_1013093570_o.jpg

The Home Right Finish Max paint sprayer has totally changed the way that I do my DIY projects. It makes painting so easy. This paint sprayer uses a high volume of air at a low pressure to have fine finish without any flecks of paint or marks. You can set the control knob for three different settings — horizontal, vertical and round. If you have large projects to paint you don’t have to worry about your hand tiring due to its light weight.14536882_10154604391304851_1568151579_o.jpg

If you are a hobby painter or you enjoy refinishing your home furniture, this is the paint sprayer for you!

Another great product from Home Right to use with the paint sprayer is the Spray Shelter. The spray shelter keeps all the paint contained and will keep pesky bugs from flying into your wet paint. Where I am from, we get a lot of strong gusty winds, so when I am spray painting outside the wind takes half of my paint with it! The Spray Shelter protects me from the wind while I am painting. A simply amazing product and super easy to put together. Just ask Bella! 14489705_10154605945819851_621442220_o

Check out this video to see this awesome product from Home Right in action!

If you would like to purchase your own Home Right Finish Max check out their website http://www.homeright.com/

I can’t wait to do my next project with this paint sprayer!




DIY Pillowcase Wall Art


Good evening, everyone! I hope you are all having a great night! I have a quick, easy and inexpensive project to share with you tonight!

It all started with this…pcase5

You might be wondering, “what exactly am I looking at?”. Well I will tell you… that is a tiny little tear in a canvas. I don’t know how it happened, but I bought a 5 pack of 16″ x 20″ canvases from Michael’s and by the time I got around to opening them, one of the canvases in the middle of the pack had this tear. Since it was in the middle, I knew there was no way that I could have done it, so I was kind of mad, but I also HATE returning things, so … oh, well. I was going to just toss it, but thankfully my smarts kicked in. (Come on, Holly — get it together!) First rule in DIY — Never, ever just toss something out with out thinking about it. You never know when you could use it!

Tonight, I finally found a use for this canvas!

I had this pillowcase that I had picked up from the dollar store…yes, the dollar store. I have never used it. I bought it simply because I loved the design on it, and I knew that one day I could do a DIY with it! We won’t mention that it took me over six months to find a way to use this pillowcase (oops). pcase4.jpgCan I just say that the dollar store has seriously stepped up their game!

This project is so easy, and it took me about 20 minutes to make this! 20 minutes and I know have a beautiful piece of art.

Give this video a watch to see how I did it, and feel free to share this video with all your DIY lovin’ friends.

I did add a little extra piece to my art, though. I cut out a pretty quote with my Cricut cutting machine on some heat transfer vinyl and then used my press to seal it on.14455805_10154589672999851_1479007823_o If you don’t have these pieces of equipment available to you. You could always use a stencil and some fabric paint, or see what other creative ideas you can come up with. Share your ideas with me. I would love to hear them!

Let me know what you think of this project! Give this a like and share with your family and friends!

Have a good night everybody! I am off  to bed! 🙂


My First Buddy

Hello everyone! I have some very exciting news to share with all of you! I would like to introduce you to “My First Buddy”. logoshirtWhat is My First Buddy, you ask? Well the short story of it is My First Buddy is a clothing line for infants and toddlers who love their four-legged bffs. This is a company that I have been working on for sometime now with my mother, my sisters and my uncle. I have high hopes for this growing clothing line and I would like my loyal followers here to see what I have been up to.

What started out as little joke between family members has turned into a one of a kind company. My sister Veronica had her first child in January of this year, but she also has two adorable Shiba Inus. We were talking one day, about how important our four legged friends are to us. Although, I don’t have any fur babies of my own, I live vicariously through my fur nieces and nephews. Veronica had mentioned how her little Shiba Inus would be her child’s first buddy. Get it? “First buddy”. I wanted to come up with a onesie that would be stylish, but also let the world know that we love our beloved pets!

After all, who is always there for you? There is that age old saying, and it really rings true — Man’s best friend. When I look at my nephew with his two buddies, Rusty and Faith (the Shiba Inus), I tell you there is nothing like it. These three truly are the best of friends, and Rusty and Faith really were my nephew’s first buddies. What better way to say this than by putting it on a shirt? Thus, MFB was born.post-img                                                                Rusty, Logan and Faith

All of the clothing in our line is custom designed and completely original. threeonesies.jpg

I have also been working on other designs, too. Collages1.jpg

Let me know what you think! I have poured my heart and soul into this venture, and I am really hopeful for its success!

If you could take a minute and check out our website and social media pages I would be most grateful! Don’t forget to hit the like buttons, too 🙂


Facebook: @myfirstbuddyclothing We have a contest going on until Monday on the FB page to win a free onesie, so make sure you check that out!

Instagram: @myfirstbuddy We have a promo code running right now because today is Rusty’s birthday!! Details on IG 🙂

I hope to see all of you over at our MFB pages 🙂

Sharing is caring, and my little venture would be extremely grateful for the support!





DIY Rustic Pumpkin Art


Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins! Yay pumpkins!! Can you tell I love pumpkins!? They are probably my favorite part about Fall… actually, that is a lie. I love Fall so much that I can’t pick just one favorite thing! I am in complete Fall go mode and I would like to share this DIY Rustic pumpkin art that me and my mother made. I would take all the credit, it was her idea! 😀 Now you know where I get my creative genius from lol!

Let’s dive right in!

Here are the supplies for this project14329191_10154557208274851_695792861_o

  • Wood pallet boards (I used four)
  • Twine
  • Contact Cement
  • Sticks
  • Some sort of orange filler ( I used orange wood chips that we had kicking around the store.)

I already had my pallet boards together, so I don’t have any pictures for this step. If you would like to do this all that you have to do is secure the boards together from the backside by screwing in two pieces of wood running the opposite directions from the pallet boards.

Take some twine and tie three pieces together. Make sure that you cut the pieces of twine long enough so that you can make a pumpkin shape. The length of rope will vary depending on the size of your woof and how large you want your pumpkin to be. After you have tied your knot, twist the three piece of twine together. 14340037_10154557208224851_1479516077_oWe did this so that we could get the effect of a rope, without having to pay for expensive twine rope. This twine is from the dollar store.

We used the contact cement to glue the “twine rope” to the wood pallet sign. We get the contact cement in the tube because it is easier to make the pumpkin shape. 14285658_10154557208194851_738628409_o

Once we had the pumpkin outline with the twine rope, we filled the inside with the orange wood chips. 14315928_10154557208404851_1443786408_oRather than gluing the chips one by one, we placed them all on the inside of the pumpkin outline and then my mom came up with this crazy idea to lather the white craft glue over top. Crazy thing is, it worked amazingly!

My mom covered the entire thing of wood chips with the white glue and over the drying time it sunk down through the cracks and dried clear.

To make the stem, we collect sticks from the yard (okay, we made have had my kids do that part lol) We cut the sticks to the size we wanted and then glued them down with the contact cement. 14340031_10154557208329851_1741821009_o14359715_10154557208179851_1590896177_o

We added some gold leaves from the dollar store and as well added some copper wire. The copper wire technique can be seen in our Fall Wreath tutorial.

All done! What do you think?

14329191_10154557208104851_1630531633_oWe decided to leave a bit of space at the top so that we can add a word or phrase at the top. I will be sure to share a pic when we do that!

Share this project with your friends who love pumpkins just as much as we do!!


DIY Night Light


Good evening, everyone! I have a cute little project to share with you all tonight. Just in time for bed, too! My daughter has been telling me for awhile that she wants a night light. Since she is seven, I feel like she is a little too old for the Disney princess plug in. I wanted to make her something that would serve as both night light and decor. Look at me pulling DIY double duty!

Anyways, take a look and see what I came up with!

I started with a 12″ x 12″ canvas. This canvas I had already painted using my coffee filter water color technique. You can check out that project here14233553_10154541739274851_1173286347_oI love the water color technique, but I wanted this night light to be darker. I decided to have the water color technique as the words, “sweet dreams”.

I found this file on an AMAZING site called Lovesvg.com. This site is seriously THE best! If you own a Cricut or a Silhouette, you are going to want to remember this one!  All there cut files are completely free. They are personal use only… so no slapping their files on mugs and selling them! If you are feeling generous you can buy them a coffee. 🙂 There is a tab where you can click to donate.

This is the file I chose, and then I cut it out in black vinyl with my Cricut.sweet_dreams_pngIf you don’t have a Cricut and you still want to do this project, let your own creativity shine! You can hand paint, or use a stencil to put on your canvas whatever you like.

After I weeded my vinyl, I had to put it on my canvas. The method I use to transfer vinyl is simple. I buy clear shelf liner from Dollar Tree. It is $1.00 a roll, which is way better than the Cricut brand. Cricut Transfer Tape isn’t a terrible price. It is $6.99 for a 12″x 48″ roll, but with the Dollar Tree you get 18″ x 54″ and the shelf liner works just the same! I am all about that bargain! 14248106_10154541739884851_842730972_o

I start by cutting a piece of clear shelf liner that is the same size as my decal. I use my flat scraper to smooth out any air bubbles, starting from the middle and working my way out.14215734_10154541740149851_596163489_oI place the decal onto the canvas and again smooth out any air bubbles, starting from the middle and working my way out. Always start in the middle! I have learned this the hard way.  14202914_10154541739754851_585993675_oI carefully remove the clear shelf liner and the vinyl decal stays behind. Super simple! 14303771_10154541739349851_1531981607_oIf you have a vinyl cutting machine, I would love to hear your tips, too!

To paint the canvas I use Americana Decor Chalky Finish. I have said it before and I will say it again — this paint is awesome! (As you can probably tell based on my well loved canisters) I use this paint all the time! You can check out their whole line of colors here14233291_10154541740349851_246097167_o For this project I sort of mixed these two colors. I painted the canvas first with the lighter shade (Refreshing), and then while it was still a little wet, I went over it with the darker shade (Relic). 14247632_10154541739424851_1443003509_o

I don’t have any pictures of me painting, as my photographer (my seven year old daughter) had to go to the bathroom during this step! lol

I waiting for the paint to dry and then I removed the vinyl decal. To do this I used a sharp dental instrument and tweezers. How does one acquire a dental instrument, you ask? Well, for those of you that don’t know, I use to be a dental assistant for 11 years. It was part of my journey to get here, but I am glad that those days are over! One of the great things that came out of that job is this tool! It works so well for DIYn’!14215611_10154541740404851_382143921_o14285009_10154541740439851_1117655069_o

Once I had all the vinyl removed, it was time to make the holes for the Christmas lights. To do this I again used my trusty, sharp dental tool! You can see in this video how it is done.

Once I had the holes all set, all that was left to do was put in the Christmas lights. This was super easy!


Plug it in, and just like that my daughter has a new night light! 14285506_10154541739599851_2010520937_o14303689_10154541739644851_1934716661_oWhat do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Til’ next time!


DIY Fall Wreath Tutorial


Hello everybody! So here in Canada, we are just finishing up Labour day and the kiddies are going back to school tomorrow, so it is Mandy here today! My daughter, Holly is busy getting her kids ready for back to school, so I thought I would share one of my projects with you.

I made this fall wreath in a couple of hours and it is actually quite easy. Take a look and see how I did it.

I used a couple of balls of Moria wool, which unfortunately, is discontinued, but any type of yarn will do for this project. I had this stuff kickin’ around so I went with it. I also used a straw wreath form that I picked up from the dollar store, as well as some fall decor pieces.


This step is the easiest of all. I glued a strand of wool to the wreath and then started wrapping it around.

I made sure that I was wrapping the wool nice and tight around the wreath to make sure that it would stay nicely. I used the two full balls.

I started to cut up the fall garland that I purchased from the dollar store.


I arranged the fall decor pieces on the wreath in a pattern that I thought looked great and then simply hot glued them into place.


I still thought that the wreath needed a little something more, so I spray painted some pinecones from the yard in gold spray paint.


I also had some copper wire kickin’ around so I used the end of paint brush to twist it into spirals and then I attached these to the wreath as well.


I love how the copper wire spirals just add that extra touch of fall color to this wreath!

I used a thin piece of wire to make a hanger for the wreath.


Fall will be upon us before we know it, and this wreath was just the thing to get me in the fall mood!


Let me know what you think! Comment below and share this project with all your friends who love fall!