DIY Fall Wreath Tutorial


Hello everybody! So here in Canada, we are just finishing up Labour day and the kiddies are going back to school tomorrow, so it is Mandy here today! My daughter, Holly is busy getting her kids ready for back to school, so I thought I would share one of my projects with you.

I made this fall wreath in a couple of hours and it is actually quite easy. Take a look and see how I did it.

I used a couple of balls of Moria wool, which unfortunately, is discontinued, but any type of yarn will do for this project. I had this stuff kickin’ around so I went with it. I also used a straw wreath form that I picked up from the dollar store, as well as some fall decor pieces. 14215614_10154535279954851_1935772527_o (1)

This step is the easiest of all. I glued a strand of wool to the wreath and then started wrapping it around.

I made sure that I was wrapping the wool nice and tight around the wreath to make sure that it would stay nicely. I used the two full balls.

I started to cut up the fall garland that I purchased from the dollar store. 14247775_10154535279779851_374530387_oI arranged the fall decor pieces on the wreath in a pattern that I thought looked great and then simply hot glued them into place. 14274432_10154535279894851_84487212_o14274310_10154535280029851_678119488_o

I still thought that the wreath needed a little something more, so I spray painted some pinecones from the yard in gold spray paint. 14248029_10154535279794851_340377067_o

I also had some copper wire kickin’ around so I used the end of paint brush to twist it into spirals and then I attached these to the wreath as well. 14284918_10154535279879851_1098447789_o14233466_10154535279789851_2046788995_o14215656_10154535279709851_118837968_o14273454_10154535279909851_1049148926_oI love how the copper wire spirals just add that extra touch of fall color to this wreath!

I used a thin piece of wire to make a hanger for the wreath.

Fall will be upon us before we know it, and this wreath was just the thing to get me in the fall mood!14274485_10154535279684851_1124140838_o14203613_10154535279734851_1953693813_o14233661_10154535279934851_1262676922_o

Let me know what you think! Comment below and share this project with all your friends who love fall!



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