fridayfreebieYAY! It is actually Friday!! I have to say that Friday nights are my absolute favorite. I don’t have to go to bed early because there is no work tomorrow, I can let the kids stay up a little later and I can work on my DIYs until the wee hours of the morning!! Some Friday nights I am up til’ 2 or 3 am working away in the workshop! Eeekkk… I love my Fridays!

Ok, enough about that… let’s get to the freebie! Today’s freebie is one of my favoritesteaandwarmsocks.pngAin’t that the truth! Now that the colder weather is on its way, this is more true than ever! Make sure you share this Freebie Friday if you agree!!

Keep reading to download the free file, but first…disclaimerdownloadbuttonIf you are liking these free files let me know and you can fill in this contact form if you have any requests! I will do my best to accommodate requests, but can make no guarantees due the large volume of requests.

Also, if you have made anything using one of my free files, feel free to send me a pic! I would love to see my designs in use!!

Thank you guys!



7 thoughts on “FREEBIE FRIDAY

  1. THANKS for sharing… this is totally me.. I’m a tea granny… dont see too much for tea’ drinkers.. Appreciate your talent shared with others… Keep up the great work…


  2. Fridays are my very favourite nights too! Your enthusiasm and joy in your projects sparkle through your post. Found your link on Roberta Pimenthel’s blog and popped in to say hello. Have a lovely week. Smiles xx 🙂 🙂

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