fridayfreebieIt’s here! It’s here! Hooray for another Freebie Friday!!! I am starting to really look forward to Fridays (well even more so) now. I just love sharing my designs with everyone. I was asked last week, why I would just give away files like this. Well, let me tell you β€” I just love designing and I LOVE fonts. I have this thing for pretty fonts. My computer has so many fonts on it, it is almost a little too overwhelming. I spend so much time looking at fonts I am starting to recognize them by name when I am out and see signs and advertising stuff.

Anyway! Let’s get to the good stuff! Today’s Freebie Friday:Imstillwearingsmile.pngdownloadbuttonJust a little cute something to brighten your Friday! What makes you smile? For me, it is my kids, a good cup of tea and a great DIY!Β disclaimerHappy Friday guys!!

I hope you enjoy this free file and as always, feel free to let me know if there is something you would like me to create by filling in this form:

I would love to see what you guys are making with these free files so feel free to send my photos of your work! I would like to start featuring some of the people that use the files, so send me any pics you have and you may be featured!



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