DIY Queen of Hearts Halloween Costume

header.pngHi Everyone!! Halloween is almost here! Two more days πŸ˜€ I just wanted to share with all of you my costume that I made. Let me start off by saying that I haven’t dressed up for Halloween since grade eleven… and I am not going to tell you how long ago that was *cough, cough* 13 years ago…. wow! Seriously, if time could just stop for a bit, that would be great.

Anywho… At my work they have a costume contest and being that I will take any excuse to DIY, I jumped all over this!!! I have to say, that I am a little sad that I have been missing out on all this fun! I had the best time making this costume and I can’t wait to wear it to work on Monday! It’s not that I don’t want to dress up for Halloween, but I have two kids, so I am always more focused on their costumes.

Let me walk you through how I put this costume together.

First off, I chose the Queen of Hearts after looking on Pinterest and thought that it would a pretty easy costume to whip up. Also, I have always loved Alice in Wonderland, and as well the show ONCE. Did anybody else see the spin off ONCE Upon A Time In Wonderland? They only did one season of this spin off, but I loved it!!! If you are a ONCE fan and haven’t seen it, I suggest you check it out…amazing! But let’s get back to the costume.

When you are going to make a Halloween costume the first place you need to go is a thrift store of some kind. My favorite thrift store is Talize. I don’t know if that is just a Canadian store, but I find they have the best stuff and they get a lot of clothes from stores that still have tags on them.

I picked up this lace shirt and black skirt. The total for these two was $15. Not bad, right?14881705_10154702534849851_759139049_o (1).jpgThese two pieces of clothing are in amazing shape! I didn’t do anything to the lace top so I can wear it again β€” bonus!

I used my heat press and some HTV to adhere the playing card suits to the bottom of the skirt. If you don’t have a heat press, you could certainly cut them out in felt and then sew them on. 14813379_10154702537204851_542233439_o.jpg

The Card Collar

The card collar was super easy to make! You need two decks of playing cards, a stapler and some paper to make a template. I used a piece of newspaper.

I measured my neck and then cut out a template.Β 14895642_10154702533894851_327290181_o

I then laid the cards out around the edge of my template.Β 14881484_10154702535269851_1340700251_o.jpgI used a stapler to secure the cards together. I kept repeating this process until I got to the other side of the template. I wanted a nice thick collar, so I made two of these. The second one a made a little larger, though. Just so they wouldn’t sit flush on top of each other around my neck.Β 14875973_10154702535284851_1563658137_o

The Card Crown

Ok, this was seriously fun to make! To make the card crown I used 5 cards from a deck of playing cards and a large hair clip.Β 14881350_10154702532894851_1388314731_o

I got a piece of cardstock and I traced half of a bowl, so that I would have a semi-circle.Β 14894444_10154702535664851_283480590_o.jpgThen I used a ruler and a pencil to draw triangles on top of the semi circle. No picture for this step… I thought I took one, but I must not have, but you can see it cut out here:14907768_10154702535274851_391495610_oTo make the crown you will be attaching the two edges together like this:14881705_10154702533704851_653747503_oBut you need to add the cards first.Β I used hot glue toΒ glue on my cards.Β You line up the corners of the cards with the peaks of the triangles.Β 14859362_10154702528984851_1771570226_oI used hot glue to secure the cards to the template and to each other.Β 14858804_10154702535064851_1307987871_oOnce you have all the cards secured, attach the crown at the ends by pulling them towards each other and then using a stapler to attach the ends.Β 14881284_10154702525794851_975852125_o.jpgI didn’t like the unfinished edge, so I added a piece of material with hot glue.

A handy tip: When you are attaching anything around a curved edge, make little cut slits in the material and then over lap them when gluing. This will give you a smoother edge.Β 14895478_10154702535069851_246231711_o

To attach the crown to my clip I used crafting wire and hot glue. There was no rhyme or reason to how I did this. I just started wrapping the wire around the clip and then poked a hole in one of the playing cards and thread the wire through. I added hot glue for a little extra strength.


I could have just stopped at the crown, but I needed a little bit more!! How about a heart wand? I used my heat press again to adhere some glitter HTV to some red felt, and then cut out the felt around the hearts.

I hand stitched the two hearts together and then added a little stuffing to make the heart puffy rather than flat.

I hot glued it to a dowelΒ and ta-da!Β 14876161_10154702528159851_17779613_o

I also whipped up a little DIY jewelry worthy of a Queen. Well, a DIY Queen anyway.

Since the dollar store already has all their Christmas stuff out, I found these heart shaped Christmas ornaments and just added one to a chain. Super easy.

For my ring, I dismantled this skull Halloween ring and put it back together with wire.

I used my wedding rings as a guide for how big to make it. πŸ˜‰

I cut out a little heart from some cardstock, stuck these sticky jewels on it and then glued the heart to the ring with hot glue. Another super easy and quick DIY.


I had my mom whip up the cape, so I don’t have any pictures of that. I can sew, it is just not one of my favorite things to do.

I was so excited to get this costume on to take some pics! I even upgraded a pair of my shoes with some felt and some gold embellishments.Β 14858541_10154702535219851_242778917_o.jpg

Time to put the look together!Β 14881304_10154702525724851_306124157_o.jpgWhat do you guys think? Β 14876273_10154702530274851_881367987_o.jpgI forgot how much fun Halloween can be!Β 14895709_10154702526039851_874835309_o

This whole costume cost me under $20. I had a lot of the stuff already and my mom had the fabric already for the cape. You don’t have to spend a lot on Halloween and you can still look fabulous!!Β 14881232_10154702527114851_1083096899_o (1).jpgShare your DIY Halloween costumes with me! I would love to see them!! πŸ™‚

Happy Halloween everyone! And be safe out there!Β 14895638_10154702535374851_477653398_o.jpgsignaturebest


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  1. You look gorgeous and had fun doing it to. I love Talize, I shop there all the time! Happy Halloween, my friend.

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