DIY Geometric Shapes


Would you believe me if I told you that I made these geometric decor shapes from drinking straws? You don’t have to believe me because I am going to show you!!

This was such a fun little project and now I am left with some stunning decor. I saw these succulent holders on Pinterest the other day and I wanted to make something similar.Copper_Pipe_Succulent_Holdersimage source: Lia Griffith

The only problem I was facing was the copper piping. It can be a little on the pricey side, so I racked my brain to think of an alternative, and that is when I remembered that I had an over whelming amount of drinking straws. You see, this summer, I made a whole bunch of these pencil holders for teacher’s gifts. 14954535_10154720617289851_1923556904_oThey are actually drinking straw holders, but I replaced the straws with pencils. Super cute, right?

I hung onto the drinking straws because I knew that I would be able to DIY them into something and today was the day I put them to good use!

I have also been looking for a project to use this new paint that I got — Americana Decor Metallics in Copper by DecoArt. This paint is great to transform ordinary stuff into a beautiful copper and unless you actually touch the drinking straws you would never know that they are not copper piping. This paint is bang on!


To do this project, I used my drinking straws and some crafting wire. 14964214_10154720482614851_973027134_o.jpg

I whipped out my paint brush and started painting as many straws as I could. 14964291_10154720482479851_1099399475_oI had to do two coats of the paint on the straws. 14907729_10154720483089851_1311106705_oOnce the paint was dried, I cut off the ends of the straw that weren’t painted. I didn’t paint all the way down to the end just so I could have something to hang onto while I was painting.

Then it was time to start building some shapes. This process was a little bit of trial and error.

I started by sliding the wire through the a single straw.14964138_10154720482994851_426471512_oThen, I bent the wire up. I felt that I didn’t have enough wire on the left side so I twisted on another piece of wire. 14975838_10154720482499851_566353574_oIt would be a lot easier if I had wire that was on a spool, but I make what I have work.

I slide two more straws on the wire and then formed them into a triangle14971675_10154720482264851_779125974_oI slide the extra bit of wire into the straw to hide it.  14923087_10154720482729851_1810637576_o

I kept adding more wire and more straw and then started connecting them. 14963518_10154720482159851_1586351992_oThere really is no rhyme or reason to how I did this. I just started connecting them.

The wire started getting a little flimsy, so I secured the areas where the three straws meet up with a bit of hot glue. 14971112_10154720482599851_1906226694_o14954476_10154720482914851_2068453568_oYou have to be really careful when you are doing this cause the glue is hot and can melt the plastic and the wire. What I did, was I added a dab of the hot glue and immediately blew on it to cool it down. This seemed to work quite well.

I made two different shapes — a large one and a smaller one. 14959122_10154720482434851_1115783550_o

I set them up on my bookcase. 14964108_10154720482554851_319276768_oI thought that they looked pretty good here, but I wanted to play around with them a little bit more.

I put the smaller one inside of the larger one and added a candle. 14971721_10154720483324851_908974778_oWhat do you think? Which way do you like better? Let me know!

Either way, I love my new “copper pipe” geometric shapes! 14907824_10154720483084851_1149260235_o14924118_10154720483274851_659292265_o

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  2. I saw something like your idea in a magazine for air plants. I bought straws, but when I read the tutorial it said to use coffee stirers. After reading your blog using the straws, I can make my air plant holders!

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