DIY Paint Splatter Art

header.pngGood Evening, Everyone! I hope that you all had a fantastic day!! I am so excited to share this project with you! This was a spur of the moment idea and it couldn’t have turned out better!

Did you all see my post from yesterday? The Geometric Decor Shapes? Well, when I was making those, I had the Metallic copper paint out from Americana Decor, so I thought I would whip up another project, too!

This project is actually a continuation from my DIY Watercolor Art using coffee filters. When I did that post, I actually made up a ton of watercolor canvas and I have just had them sitting around waiting to do something else with them.

If you missed my DIY Watercolor Art post, you can check it out here.

Here is the watercolor canvas that I used. 14924152_10154723459564851_416392255_o.jpgThis one didn’t turn out as well as the others. That is how I knew it needed a little something else.

I cannot resist this beautiful copper color from DecoArt. Seriously, the photos do not do this paint any justice. It is gorgeous!14907734_10154720482429851_1220900541_o

I have wanted to try a paint splatter effect for a long time, and I had the straws sitting right there because I was making my Geometric shapes. There is not time like the present, right? 14964289_10154723459484851_376663008_o.jpg

So, super simple — I put the tip of the straw in the paint, just enough to get a bit on the end, and then I blew it out onto the canvas. 14924110_10154723459384851_65993587_o14924055_10154723459469851_1629417907_oThere is no right or wrong way to do this and it is a fun little project. I love DIYs that have no rules and no set guidelines… this project is all about creativity.

The paint was a little thick in some spots, but I really liked that. I let the paint dry over night just because of the thick spots, though.

14964287_10154723459524851_1228972407_oI used my Cricut to cut this super cool antler image in black matte vinyl. 14957995_10154723458014851_1651264082_o

What do you think? Pretty cool, right?14954554_10154723459519851_660364540_oI love having my creations around my home. I get this sense of pride every time I walk in a room and see something that I have made. It is so much more fulfilling than purchasing home decor items. 14958989_10154723458219851_2072171705_oI think that I am going to try and make some more with different colors of paints, maybe even multiple colors on the same canvas.

If you try this project, share your pictures with me!! signaturebest


9 thoughts on “DIY Paint Splatter Art

  1. Wow! Did you have any trouble getting the vinyl to stick where the paint is a little thicker? Thinking about attempting something like this!

    • No, surprisingly! I was a little worried about that, and I was also worried that because it was on the thicker side that when I removed the transfer paper that they paint would come with it, but it didn’t! I have to say it pays to use good quality paint! 😀

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