Table Makeover with Country Chic Paint

header1.pngWell guys, I have been working very hard on this post! This DIY is a couple of months in the making and I hope that it is worth the wait.

Before we get into the project, I would like to take a minute to tell you all about the paint that I used for this project — Country Chic Paint. This paint is amazing! Their colors are so crisp and bright. The paint is easy to work with and the finish is phenomenal!

You can check out all their colors here15044891_10154760897579851_1431336762_o


So this table that I made over belonged to my Auntie Grace, who was my great-great aunt. My Auntie Grace was the center of our family and we all loved her very dearly. We just couldn’t toss away her table, so we hung on to it, but is was pretty beat up. My mother and I decided that it was time to refinish it. Since, I already have a table that I am pretty fond of, I thought I would do this one up for my grandma’s basement. There is a little apartment down there and I am going to renovate it… so there will be lots of great projects and pictures to come!

Since I am starting with a blank slate and no one lives down there I took this opportunity to have some fun and do something totally different — something out of my comfort zone.

I picked colors from Country Chic that I would normally not ever even pick up. Take a look and see what I did!

This is what I started with. 15064259_10154760897469851_1075709651_o15060439_10154760903134851_1964497238_o15065123_10154760897499851_1832901716_o-copy

Time to sand! I love sanding… I find it so relaxing.

Very important to remember: after you are done sanding, make sure you ALWAYS wipe your furniture down really well before you bring out your paint. 15052102_10154760902739851_122263854_o

Now the fun part! Time to get out the paint!!

For the table top and the tops of the chairs I used “Dark Roast”15034225_10154760898884851_1419860693_o-copyI don’t know if it is the lighting in the basement, but this paint looked like it had a navy tinge to it after I painted it on. It could also be an effect from the furniture that I was painting, too. It is weird because in the can it is a chestnut, dark brown.

I allowed this to dry for two days before applying a coat of “Tough Coat”, which is also from Country Chic15065034_10154760905409851_1354965997_o-copyThis top coat is amazing and really protects the wood and your furniture.

Time for the legs!15034244_10154760898079851_1937447855_o-copyFirst, I painted all the legs in “Simplicity”. A most perfect shade of white. 15060328_10154760903819851_1215205312_oAfter all the legs were painted white, I let them dry fully.

Now this is where I broke out of my comfort zone…

Enter the most perfect shade of pink you have ever seen. 15044857_10154760901034851_979256170_oIt almost kind of looks like pink Pepto- stomach stuff. LOL But I fell in love with it. And normally I don’t throw a shade of pink like this in my decor because it seems like it is more for a kid’s room or something. But again, I wanted to break out of my comfort zone. 15034207_10154760897559851_413596025_o-copy

I did a dry brush technique over top of the white legs. 15102234_10154760897424851_407769607_o15053365_10154760903779851_1608613403_o15065044_10154760897759851_1134401190_oHere is a quick video of me brushing on the pink

After the legs had dried for 24 hours, I applied some Pearl wax, which gave the legs a beautiful “pearl” like finish. 15102101_10154760897409851_1410147317_o

All that was left was to put the look together! Since we are getting close to Christmas, I thought I would do up a nice Christmas table. 15053198_10154760901594851_612378507_o

I hung up this piece on the wall…. that I love and just had to share a close up! 15126048_10154760900479851_1349073732_o-1I picked this up off the side of the road… I didn’t do anything to it other than add the poinsettias and snowy greens. Isn’t it wonderful?

And then my two favorites… these deer. 15060450_10154760905084851_819566004_oMy mom picked up these deer for the Thorndale Christmas Home Tour we are doing in December, but there is nothing saying they can’t hang out here until then! 😀 15065156_10154760901609851_2143662356_oCute, right?

Let me know what you think of this makeover!!

And be sure to pick up some Country Chic Paint for your next project — you will LOVE it!



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