Wood Shim Box

header.pngHey, everyone!! I have missed you all! I took a couple weeks away from the blog to prepare for the Thorndale Christmas Home Tour. My mother and I decorate one of the homes of the tour and this is our second year doing it. We have so much fun, but it is A LOT of work… like A LOT! We pretty much empty the store and decorate someone else’s home. I had a professional photographer come in and take pictures, so those will be coming soon! I can’t wait to show you all, but for now, I have a quick and easy DIY to share.

Seriously guys, this DIY is soooo easy!

I made this decorative box with an old cardboard box and some wood shims. 15409816_10154837048589851_224594509_o.jpgI have had these wood shims kickin around for quite a while and I have wanted to use them for a DIY forever!

All I did was grab my trusty hot glue gun and I started gluing on the wood shims to the box. 15369881_10154837047189851_535275728_oThis couldn’t be any easier!

You will notice there is some overhang on the box, that is ok! I will show you the tool I used to cut it off in a bit, but first, notice how I placed the shims?15387504_10154837053164851_1508231069_oI alternated the thick ends. I did this because I wanted the box to have a cool look. Almost like the wood is protruding in spots.

This is the tool that I used to cut off the overhang. 15397698_10154837046329851_1846323398_oWhat is it? I have no idea LOL … if you know, please tell me. I found them in the tool box. It is basically like an Exacto knife/scissors. Love it, though!

Time for the big reveal!15368879_10154837053134851_1534890924_oNotice my daughter’s ornament? She made that in school — it is one of my favs!

One would never know that this is a cardboard box! 15409546_10154837051164851_44696007_oYou will notice that I also stained the wood. I wanted the box to look a little darker. I used Early American from Minwax.

Let me know what you think about this project and share with all your friends! We all love the quick and easy DIYs! 15419341_10154837048989851_1959558112_oDo you like the tassel blanket? I will be posting a tutorial for this very soon!! 🙂



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