Christmas Mantle Makeover


My grandmother loves all things Christmas! She has a real gift for hanging on to all sorts of Christmas decor. She has an over flowing amount of Christmas nick knacks. It kind of leaves her at a loss of where to put everything.

My grandma also has a gorgeous fireplace in her great room. My mother and I decided that we should jazz it up this Christmas — get rid of all the nick knacks and dress up her mantle in true Christmas glory. We didn’t throw out her nick knacks, though. We just moved them around. I could never throw out all my grandma’s treasures. My grandma saves almost everything, but I do love this about her.

This is what the mantle looked like before. 15491543_10154850606404851_711392835_o.jpgMind you, she hadn’t really set it up the way she wanted, yet. But see how it is all just a mish mash of Christmas decor.

Notice the singing moose at the bottom of the fireplace? My grandma is the queen of singing plush Christmas things. Not because she wants to be, but because my uncles insist on getting her a new one every Christmas. My mom put her foot down this year and said, “No more singing Christmas things!” There may have been a couple of threats thrown in, too, but we won’t mention those.

Close up of the mantle. 15502990_10154850606354851_281917417_oThose candle holder goblets on either side of the mantle are the centerpieces from my sister’s wedding — 6 years ago. I think it is time that they come down.

Here is the mantle all cleaned off. 15536749_10154850606369851_1685734659_oNot a bad mantle, right?

My mom and I went to our store and pulled all the best Christmas stuff we could spare and this is what we came up with. 15536938_10154850604864851_1993245448_oWe wanted to stick with browns and golds because of the large ornate gold frame, but we also a love a touch of the wood rustic. 15536963_10154850608994851_726148403_o15491933_10154850608954851_1509089774_oThis wood crate is my absolute favorite! Love it.

Let us know what you think of our Christmas mantle! I love decorating for Christmas, don’t you?



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