Just a quick little funny.

Want a little laugh for your Monday evening?

My sister came over tonight and enlisted my help to make a Christmas gift for her father in law. This gift has a little bit of a back story, though. Her father in law is a bit of stickler when it comes to his tools and apparently my brother in law borrowed an 8mm wrench that was never returned. What makes this so funny is that his father has a sign hanging up above the tool box that reads: “Mark 8mm wrench”.

My sister giggles every time she sees it. So this year for Christmas she thought that it would be nice to make him this….Β 15555626_10154854134964851_1617962449_o.jpgTool Rules sign, complete with an 8mm wrench.

I would love to be there when her father in law opens this gift!

What funny gifts do you have planned or have given in the past!? Share your stories with me πŸ™‚



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  1. We have a camp up North (Canada-that is what we call cottages) and there is a “biffy”..everyone complains there is never anythung to read. So my dad unrolled an entire roll of toilet…wrote something on EVERY SQUARE…and rolled it back up. He mailed it to his sister.. who is Co-owner with him. So now people have something to read while doing their “thing”.

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