DIY Felt Trees

header.pngHey folks! Another project to share with you tonight from the Thorndale Christmas Home Tour. I made these fun little felt trees and let me tell you… these are so easy to make and great if you enjoy using a drill. I don’t know why but I find using a drill so satisfying.

Let’s dive right in and get to the project!

First thing you need is some felt. Fun little tip, where I am, felt is actually cheaper at Michael’s than the dollar store. Dollar store is 62 cents each, where as Michael’s is 59 cents each. That is surprising! 15540121_10154862782574851_1925084753_o.jpgI picked up some colors that I thought would look nice together. I didn’t end up using the light green, though. I just thought that it was too light so I went back and got a darker color.

I also used some sticks and some birch logs which I cut into small slices. I don’t have a picture from this step, but I used a chop saw. 15537081_10154862782279851_1550965168_o

To make the trees I cut a little stencil on some white paper. 15516003_10154862782959851_105938392_oPretty easy. Just draw a Christmas tree and then cut it out.

Next, I cut out my tree shape on my felt. 15536795_10154862781964851_121028150_o

For each tree that I was planning on making, I needed 5 felt cut outs. 15515967_10154862782204851_1582422877_o15556379_10154862781849851_1431856104_o15503009_10154862782189851_1556336098_o

Now, I had to attach them to the sticks. This part seems a little tricky, but it is actually quite easy. All you have to do is glue the felt trees on the stick one at a time. I used hot glue and it works great! How you glue them is you fold them in half and then glue them on the fold to the stick. 15556370_10154862782824851_424053792_o

You glue the trees all around the stick until it is covered.

To attach the stick into the log slices, I used my drill and a spade (some call a paddle bit) bit. The size I used was 3/8. If you make these the size you use will be dependent on the thickness of your stick. 15556312_10154862782484851_445344207_o15515786_10154862782629851_1990654681_oI stacked three log slices together for some and for some of the other trees I only stacked two. No matter how many you stack, just make sure you don’t drill all the way through the bottom log slice. You don’t want the stick to go all the way through. To secure the stick to the log slices, I put a bunch of hot glue on it before sliding it into the logs.15536758_10154862782684851_1616289795_o

Then, hopefully, when you are done…. you will have something like this! 15536619_10154862781809851_919153595_o


One thing I almost forgot! For a bit of extra Christmas fun, I scented the log slices. All I did was add a couple of drops of scented oil to the log slice. 15556243_10154862782124851_886923693_o15502843_10154862782429851_2017189347_oThey smell soooo good 🙂

What do you guys think?15540454_10154862782054851_130906906_o-1Let me know! Comment below and share this article with your family and friends and let’s spread some Christmas DIYs!



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