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Little Logan’s First Birthday

Pictures.jpgLet me start off by saying that I had no hand in this party whatsoever… This was all my sister’s doing โ€” and I am totally jealous! She put us mortal moms to shame!!

So a couple of weekends ago, my nephew turned one and my sister and brother-in-law had the cutest little party for him! Something that looks like it came right off a Pinterest page. My sister put so much effort into this party… I was blown away! I thought I would share some of the pics with you all!

Let me show you the birthday boy first! 16251368_10155005448424851_110572139_oย All ready in is construction coveralls ๐Ÿ™‚

The party decor started right at the front door.ย 16251077_10155005449599851_1399022244_o

The food setup was quite possibly the cutest I have ever seen!

For Christmas, we gave Logan a signed picture from Mike Holmes. I was glad to see it on display at the party! It fit right in!ย 16325874_10155005449494851_2036553952_oThe story behind this signed photo โ€” my sister posted the photo of Logan and Photoshoped Mike Holmes beside him. She posted it to her IG and Mike Holmes commented on it ๐Ÿ™‚ I found out the Mike Holmes was coming to our city so I printed out the pic and got him to sign it. It was a total surprise on Christmas… we didn’t even tell my sister. We had him sign it back in September. Let me tell you how hard it is for me to keep secrets โ€” hard.

My sister made up the most adorable loot “bags”… or should I say, pails.

“Loads of thanks I send to you for joining my construction crew. By piling on the birthday fun, you’ve made this day a special one. Lots of love, Logan”

So cute! My sister printed the little poem onto paint chips and then filled the mini paint cans with candy.

There was a super fun game of pin the wrecking ball on the swinging crane. The kids all seemed to put their wrecking balls in the same spot! ๐Ÿ™‚

It was a wonderful day filled with great family and a ton of fun!!

And I thank my sister for now setting the bar so high! LOL


DIY Cute Clay Pots


Happy Sunday, everyone!! I have the cutest and easiest DIY to share with you today.

Just take a look at these adorable clay pots I made over today. 16229526_10154996234039851_1963083957_o.jpg

I picked up these pots from the dollar store and couldn’t wait to jazz them up. I have been feeling the January blahs and this was just the spunky little craft I needed ๐Ÿ™‚

So… super easy! Just take a look. 16251540_10154996233004851_465343419_oI used three pots, my two favorite colors from Americana Dรฉcor โ€” Smitten and Refreshing, some markers and some succulents.

I started by painting my pots.

I felt like I wanted another color for the third pot, so I went with white.

I did two coats of paint on each pot. Once the paint was dry, I could draw on the cute faces.ย 16196384_10154996232009851_194088278_oThis was both easy and fun! I used my Spectrum markers, which are a basically just a fancy craft marker, but you could easily use Sharpie markers.

So cute!!16196491_10154996233494851_1084267485_o

And then I simply added my succulents. 16229985_10154996233854851_1755284592_oThese cutesy pots were just the thing to brighten up my shelf! ๐Ÿ™‚ 16229559_10154996232449851_27900160_o16229526_10154996234039851_1963083957_oWhat do you think of these pots?

Let me know!! If you make these pots, please share your pics with me!

Til’ next time!


Flash Freebie Cut File

Hello everyone! I am just popping in to say a quick hello and to share a free cut file! I know I normally do the freebies on Fridays, but tonight a little something special happened! I needed to recreate something for someone and I was completely stuck!

I am a part of some amazing groups on Facebook that have to do with the Cricut โ€” the cutting machine that I have. Some amazing people helped me out of this pinch and actually introduced me to a whole new font that I am now in LOVE with!! So thank you to the lovely ladies of this group!! You are all amazing. As promised, I told them I would share the file that I made… so here it is! ๐Ÿ™‚

This is just a screen shot of it in my Cricut Design Spaceย cricut1.JPGAnd if you click this “Download File” link you can download them all individually.ย downloadbutton


Here is my creation ๐Ÿ™‚16122139_10154976569359851_1611575001_o.jpg

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Freebie Friday – The Struggles Of Weeding

fridayfreebieGood evening, everyone! I took a little break from our Freebie Fridays to devote my full attention to Christmas, but the freebies are coming back and they are going to be better than ever!

Today’s Freebie Friday is in honor of the struggle that we Cricuters (is that what we call ourselves?) and Silhouette users face every time we use our machines… unless of course you are using the pen function…16009967_10154965075329851_730898147_o.jpgAhhhh yes… Weeding. The monotonous task of removing the unwanted vinyl from our cuts. Tell me, does the struggle ever end. The mounds of wasted vinyl and our fingers cramping up from removing it all.

Ok, so maybe I am being a little bit dramatic, but I am sure y’all feel me on this one! So to vent my frustration I made a cute little cut file and I even made myself a mug.

And because you guys are the greatest followers a gal could ask for, I am sharing the file with you!!!ย weeding.pngdownloadbutton

If you love this file please feel free to share it around!! Everyone is welcome to use it!! Just remember…disclaimer

Go ahead and use this file and share it with your friends! Share this around on social media with all your crafting friends! The more you share the more of these I can do!

Let me know what you think about this file, too! Comment below and also let me know if you have any requests for Freebie Friday!ย signaturebest

DIY Globe

globe1.pngHey, everyone! I teamed up with the folks from Darby Smart to bring you this post and I am so thrilled to share this project with you all!

When I was a little kid, I was so excited whenever I got mail. It didn’t matter what it was, I just felt so important to get a piece of mail. Now that I am an adult, I dread when the mail comes. All I get is bills, bills and more bills. Well, this company has made me happy to get mail again! If you haven’t heard of them before, I highly suggest you check out their website!

They have tons of how-to-videos, as well you can sign up for theย Darby Smartย subscription box. Every month you can expect a stylish DIY mailed to your door for $19 per month. When you factor in how expensive craft supplies are, that is a pretty great price!

For the month of December, Darby Smart sent out this really cool globe DIY and I was overjoyed to receive it!ย 15966757_10154945575119851_1887914253_o.jpgThis box included a ready to paint globe and some gorgeous markers. I have always wanted to do a fun globe DIY so I was more than happy to receive this!

I wanted to do something really different, though. I am all about doing something totally out of the ordinary and I wanted to really jazz up this globe. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do so I headed to my favorite place for inspiration โ€” Dollar Tree.

I walked up and down every aisle waiting for something to jump out at me. Then I saw this…15942598_10154945428909851_1640480874_oYup. This was exactly what I needed.

First things first, I needed to paint the globe. I wanted a really textured look so I mixed together these two paints.ย 15935163_10154945429579851_1785310457_oI made a really light blue mixture, so light that it was more white than blue.ย 15935414_10154945429699851_156891738_oI needed a little bit of definition so I lightly stroked some of the areas with the darker blue.ย 15942934_10154945428549851_1168176381_o

This is what my palette looked like15967265_10154945429649851_1739609462_oI would pull different colors to bring more definition.ย 15942771_10154945427774851_1165799595_oI wasn’t too concerned about staying in the lines because I would be covering the “earth” with moss.ย 15934140_10154945429429851_1078073742_o

Once the paint I had dried, I started to add the moss. This was actually really fun!ย 15934095_10154945427979851_734504992_oAll I did was use hot glue. It stuck really well.ย 15935283_10154945428519851_1812512948_o15943458_10154945429859851_1287071524_oNow obviously the moss doesn’t make crisp, defined lines, but that is okay. If I wanted to really highlight the shape of a country I would use less moss on the lines of the country. This globe is great because the lines are there ready and waiting for you to put your mark on it.

I felt that the globe needed a little more life and color, so I bought these gorgeous butterflies from Dollar Tree.ย 15934048_10154945428204851_1023389393_o

And viola!ย 15935454_10154945428079851_639987868_o15966905_10154945430329851_1776138054_o15943012_10154945429049851_1474948557_oI am not going to lie… my globe needed a bit of a hair cut! I trimmed up the moss with a pair of scissors.ย 15935533_10154945430074851_918502110_o15942889_10154945428924851_570554819_o-115967031_10154945429504851_2121329849_oI love my globe!

What do you think? Be sure and check out Darby Smart for all kinds of amazing DIY videos and how to’s. Also sign yourself up for a subscription box, too!


Recently Updated2.jpg

New Year, New Organized Nightstand


In the spirit of the new year, I have one resolution that I intend to keep! My nightstand tends to be a bit of a dump heap. It is a lot like some people’s junk drawers โ€” I just toss stuff in there when I am tidying up, but I am sick of having to dig through it every time I need something. I have come up with a couple of DIYs to help keep my nightstand clean and organized. I have also made over an old nightstand so I have “brand new” nightstand to keep clean this year.

Take a look and see what I did! Hopefully these little DIYs can help you, too!

Nightstand Before.15877756_10154929103889851_604706933_oPicked this little beauty up by the side of the road. I have had it for a while and have been waiting to give it a bit of aย makeover.

I got this Milk Paint from FolkArt on clearout from Micheal’s. These were a dollar each.ย 15877665_10154929103989851_1536977420_oThese paints were easy to work with and I love the finish it left on my nightstand. I also love any opportunity to use my Finish Max Paint Sprayer from HomeRight. This is the first time I used my spray shelter inside, though. It is cold and there is snow everywhere so there was no way I was painting outside.

Since my nightstand was sans drawer pulls, I had to add some. I had a bucket full of these beauties and they were a perfect fit.ย 15878463_10154929103634851_130113492_oThese drawer pulls were from the old kitchen in the building that was bought for our store. When my uncle was tearing it apart he had put them aside in a bucket for the trash and I, of course, eagerly rescued them! I am so glad that I did.

In order to ensure that I can keep my nightstand clean and organized, I wanted to do something to break up the drawer. I had thought about buying dividers and organizers but they are so expensive. Surely, I could make my own… and I was right, I could!

I started by measuring the inside of the drawer.ย 15856997_10154929103404851_1241042792_oI picked up a piece of foam poster board from the dollar store.

I cut pieces of the poster board to fit my measurements. This was really easy to do. I love how easy the poster board cuts with an exacto knife.ย 15857623_10154929103134851_1286381119_oHere is the design that I came up with.ย 15877804_10154929104464851_603817132_oI thought that the poster board looked a little plain so I jazzed it up with some glitter tape from the dollar store.ย 15857727_10154929103854851_229917176_oAll I did was wrap the glitter tape around the poster board.ย 15857539_10154929103654851_1774455003_oI love how my dividers keep everything from just becoming a giant pile.

On to my next DIY! Something for the top of the nightstand. The one other thing that I hate about my nightstand is how I just throw stuff on the top of it, no organization and certainly not appealing to the eye. I wanted to make something that was both pretty but that would also help keep my little things in an organized state.

I wanted to also use up old things that I had kickin’ around the house. I had a whole bunch of candles that I have been saving because I like the glass canisters that they were in.ย 15857884_10154929103204851_245410899_oThese candles I don’t light because I wasn’t too fond of the scents… so I probably should have tossed them, but I am glad I didn’t because the canisters now have a new use. To get the candles out I placed them a boiling pot of water and melted down the wax.ย 15857194_10154929104009851_411767574_oI found this old tray that I have also been hanging on to. This was a thrift store score.

I use another one of my FolkArt Milk Pants to give it new life. This color is called Port.ย 15878588_10154929104499851_1652512883_o15857817_10154929104039851_794641036_oOnce I had the tray all painted I lined the bottom of the inside with marble adhesive drawer liner which I got from the dollar store.ย 15857867_10154929104034851_508658414_oI cut a piece that was roughly, the size of the bottom and then use an exacto knife to trim the access.

Love it!!ย 15857753_10154929103864851_994666709_oI heard that marble is going to be one of the go-to looks for 2017 ๐Ÿ™‚

Next, I arranged my glass canisters from my candles on my tray.ย 15878003_10154929103694851_5284751_oLooks kind of silly just like this, but when you put it all together….15877886_10154929103234851_392770528_oI now have separated little cubbies for all my little things that would normally just be piled up on the top of my nightstand.ย 15857281_10154929103524851_998948489_o15824354_10154929103689851_1390746180_o15878222_10154929104429851_1043641501_o15857794_10154929104449851_735450980_oHere’s to a New and Organized Year!!ย 15857126_10154929103579851_251136719_oLet me know what you think about these DIYs!