New Year, New Organized Nightstand


In the spirit of the new year, I have one resolution that I intend to keep! My nightstand tends to be a bit of a dump heap. It is a lot like some people’s junk drawers — I just toss stuff in there when I am tidying up, but I am sick of having to dig through it every time I need something. I have come up with a couple of DIYs to help keep my nightstand clean and organized. I have also made over an old nightstand so I have “brand new” nightstand to keep clean this year.

Take a look and see what I did! Hopefully these little DIYs can help you, too!

Nightstand Before.15877756_10154929103889851_604706933_oPicked this little beauty up by the side of the road. I have had it for a while and have been waiting to give it a bit of a makeover.

I got this Milk Paint from FolkArt on clearout from Micheal’s. These were a dollar each. 15877665_10154929103989851_1536977420_oThese paints were easy to work with and I love the finish it left on my nightstand. I also love any opportunity to use my Finish Max Paint Sprayer from HomeRight. This is the first time I used my spray shelter inside, though. It is cold and there is snow everywhere so there was no way I was painting outside.

Since my nightstand was sans drawer pulls, I had to add some. I had a bucket full of these beauties and they were a perfect fit. 15878463_10154929103634851_130113492_oThese drawer pulls were from the old kitchen in the building that was bought for our store. When my uncle was tearing it apart he had put them aside in a bucket for the trash and I, of course, eagerly rescued them! I am so glad that I did.

In order to ensure that I can keep my nightstand clean and organized, I wanted to do something to break up the drawer. I had thought about buying dividers and organizers but they are so expensive. Surely, I could make my own… and I was right, I could!

I started by measuring the inside of the drawer. 15856997_10154929103404851_1241042792_oI picked up a piece of foam poster board from the dollar store.

I cut pieces of the poster board to fit my measurements. This was really easy to do. I love how easy the poster board cuts with an exacto knife. 15857623_10154929103134851_1286381119_oHere is the design that I came up with. 15877804_10154929104464851_603817132_oI thought that the poster board looked a little plain so I jazzed it up with some glitter tape from the dollar store. 15857727_10154929103854851_229917176_oAll I did was wrap the glitter tape around the poster board. 15857539_10154929103654851_1774455003_oI love how my dividers keep everything from just becoming a giant pile.

On to my next DIY! Something for the top of the nightstand. The one other thing that I hate about my nightstand is how I just throw stuff on the top of it, no organization and certainly not appealing to the eye. I wanted to make something that was both pretty but that would also help keep my little things in an organized state.

I wanted to also use up old things that I had kickin’ around the house. I had a whole bunch of candles that I have been saving because I like the glass canisters that they were in. 15857884_10154929103204851_245410899_oThese candles I don’t light because I wasn’t too fond of the scents… so I probably should have tossed them, but I am glad I didn’t because the canisters now have a new use. To get the candles out I placed them a boiling pot of water and melted down the wax. 15857194_10154929104009851_411767574_oI found this old tray that I have also been hanging on to. This was a thrift store score.

I use another one of my FolkArt Milk Pants to give it new life. This color is called Port. 15878588_10154929104499851_1652512883_o15857817_10154929104039851_794641036_oOnce I had the tray all painted I lined the bottom of the inside with marble adhesive drawer liner which I got from the dollar store. 15857867_10154929104034851_508658414_oI cut a piece that was roughly, the size of the bottom and then use an exacto knife to trim the access.

Love it!! 15857753_10154929103864851_994666709_oI heard that marble is going to be one of the go-to looks for 2017 🙂

Next, I arranged my glass canisters from my candles on my tray. 15878003_10154929103694851_5284751_oLooks kind of silly just like this, but when you put it all together….15877886_10154929103234851_392770528_oI now have separated little cubbies for all my little things that would normally just be piled up on the top of my nightstand. 15857281_10154929103524851_998948489_o15824354_10154929103689851_1390746180_o15878222_10154929104429851_1043641501_o15857794_10154929104449851_735450980_oHere’s to a New and Organized Year!! 15857126_10154929103579851_251136719_oLet me know what you think about these DIYs!



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  1. I need to make those organizers! My bedside tables are a mess! Thanks for the inspiration. I love your make-over, what a difference paint makes!

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