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globe1.pngHey, everyone! I teamed up with the folks from Darby Smart to bring you this post and I am so thrilled to share this project with you all!

When I was a little kid, I was so excited whenever I got mail. It didn’t matter what it was, I just felt so important to get a piece of mail. Now that I am an adult, I dread when the mail comes. All I get is bills, bills and more bills. Well, this company has made me happy to get mail again! If you haven’t heard of them before, I highly suggest you check out their website!

They have tons of how-to-videos, as well you can sign up for the Darby Smart subscription box. Every month you can expect a stylish DIY mailed to your door for $19 per month. When you factor in how expensive craft supplies are, that is a pretty great price!

For the month of December, Darby Smart sent out this really cool globe DIY and I was overjoyed to receive it! 15966757_10154945575119851_1887914253_o.jpgThis box included a ready to paint globe and some gorgeous markers. I have always wanted to do a fun globe DIY so I was more than happy to receive this!

I wanted to do something really different, though. I am all about doing something totally out of the ordinary and I wanted to really jazz up this globe. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do so I headed to my favorite place for inspiration — Dollar Tree.

I walked up and down every aisle waiting for something to jump out at me. Then I saw this…15942598_10154945428909851_1640480874_oYup. This was exactly what I needed.

First things first, I needed to paint the globe. I wanted a really textured look so I mixed together these two paints. 15935163_10154945429579851_1785310457_oI made a really light blue mixture, so light that it was more white than blue. 15935414_10154945429699851_156891738_oI needed a little bit of definition so I lightly stroked some of the areas with the darker blue. 15942934_10154945428549851_1168176381_o

This is what my palette looked like15967265_10154945429649851_1739609462_oI would pull different colors to bring more definition. 15942771_10154945427774851_1165799595_oI wasn’t too concerned about staying in the lines because I would be covering the “earth” with moss. 15934140_10154945429429851_1078073742_o

Once the paint I had dried, I started to add the moss. This was actually really fun! 15934095_10154945427979851_734504992_oAll I did was use hot glue. It stuck really well. 15935283_10154945428519851_1812512948_o15943458_10154945429859851_1287071524_oNow obviously the moss doesn’t make crisp, defined lines, but that is okay. If I wanted to really highlight the shape of a country I would use less moss on the lines of the country. This globe is great because the lines are there ready and waiting for you to put your mark on it.

I felt that the globe needed a little more life and color, so I bought these gorgeous butterflies from Dollar Tree. 15934048_10154945428204851_1023389393_o

And viola! 15935454_10154945428079851_639987868_o15966905_10154945430329851_1776138054_o15943012_10154945429049851_1474948557_oI am not going to lie… my globe needed a bit of a hair cut! I trimmed up the moss with a pair of scissors. 15935533_10154945430074851_918502110_o15942889_10154945428924851_570554819_o-115967031_10154945429504851_2121329849_oI love my globe!

What do you think? Be sure and check out Darby Smart for all kinds of amazing DIY videos and how to’s. Also sign yourself up for a subscription box, too!


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