Makeup Vanity Makeover with Country Chic Paint


Hi, friends!! I am soooo happy to share my newest DIY with you all! This is one of my favorite projects to date! This project was so easy to do and all because I was working with some pretty amazing paint! It is no secret that Country Chic Paint isย among my favorites and once you see this makeover, you will understand why! ๐Ÿ™‚

So let’s dig right in!

Take a look at this vanity before I got my hands on it.


I picked up this little gem at my new favorite Antiques Market.


It was a little rough, but I knew with a lot of elbow grease and some amazing paint, I could bring this piece up to date.

I also found a great little chair at the market to fit with my vanity.


The vanity was $40 and the chair was $19. I was very pleased with these prices, as I have been searching for a vanity for a while now and with the rise of DIYers, people seem to be upping the prices for old furniture.

Ok, let’s get into the good stuff!

The top layer of wood was peeling off really bad, so I decided to chip away at it and remove it.


This proved to be a harder task than I initially thought. The glue was still pretty stong in some spots.

I used a chisel and as well a palm sander and within a couple of hours, I had it all off.

Underneath the top layer of wood, the remaining wood was in really great shape!

Once I sanded everything down, it was time to start painting โ€” my favorite part!


For this project, I wanted a paint that I know and trust โ€” also, a paint that I know will hold up over time. Country Chic Paint was a great choice for this project and the color I chose was Elegance. It is what I like to call the most elegant shade of blueish- grey. I love blue and grey and this shade is a perfect mix.


I painted the entire vanity and the drawer fronts and let this dry for 12 hours. I only needed one coat ๐Ÿ˜€

After the paint had dried, I went over some of the edges and a little bit on the top with Country Chic Grey Wax.


I wanted to give the vanity a bit of definition. I am not a fan of the flat paint look.


Just look how great this Grey Wax looks of the edges of the feet.


I gave the wax 12 hours before applying the Tough Coat from Country Chic Paint. This is the most durable sealer that I have ever worked with. It is amazing. It seals furniture and leaves a smooth, durable finish.

I picked up these chic knobs at the market, too. Love them!

This vanity didn’t have any drawer pulls, so I had to make my own holes. This is super easy to do. Just measure to find the center and middle of the drawer front.


Then drill a hole using a drill bit that matches the width of your drawer pull screw.


This is a close up on the chair seat. I wasn’t fond of it at all, so I decided to refinish it with some chic fabric.


I also gave the wire frame of the chair a much needed face lift with a coat of new spray paint.


I am sooooo in love with my new vanity!!!


What do you think?


I love that there are plenty of drawers for storage. This piece is everything that I was looking for and I am glad that I got to put my own touch on it.


I got all the drawer pulls from the same Antique Market where I got the vanity and the chair. It is my new favorite place!


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Be sure and check out Country Chic Paintย and get your hands on some of this awesome stuff!

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Til’ next time!



Old Drawer Upgrade


Hey, everybody! I have a great project to share with you today and it involves an old drawer that I have been hanging onto as well as some amazing paint!

This is my first time working with Milk Paint and I have to say that I am very impressed! I was a little unsure of having to mix my own paint, but I have to tell you that is was both easy to work with as well as fun.

The paint that I used was from Old Fashioned Milk Paint. You can check out their website here. They have lots of really great colors to choose from, so after you see the project, head over to their website and have a look!

So this is the old drawer that I have been hanging onto.

A little beat up โ€” but I just couldn’t bear to part with it and I am glad that I hung onto it!

First things first, I had to remove all the hardware and the steel slider on the sides.

This was easy enough to do with a screwdriver. Since this drawer was a little old there was a bit of dust built up under these sliders. I used a large flat brush to give the entire drawer a good dusting.

ย 16804987_10155070811249851_874249271_o

There is nothing worse thanย painting over dust.

Next, it was time to mix up the milk paint.

This was super easy! Old Fashioned Milk Paint sends you very detailed instructions on how to do this so that you get the best paint for your project.

Okay, now about the color. For those of you who don’t know me that well, I have this thing about yellow โ€” this thing that means I am not really a fan. I thought I would branch out and try something new, so I went with the shade Mustard. I have to say, that I love it! This paint is rich in color and left my project with an amazing finish!

Once the paint had dried, it was time to attach some wheels to my drawer. I found these small caster wheels at Home Depot and they were only $1.59 each.

I attached four wheels to the bottom of the drawer.

The drawer pull was a little on the dingy side so I spruced it up with a bit of spray paint made specifically for metal.

And here is the finished project…ย 16735552_10155070810849851_305466956_oI distressed the edges a little bit just because I am a huge fan of the distressed.

What do I use the drawer for, though?

Under the bed storage!! My daughter has a ridiculous amount of socks, so now, I can keep them tucked away under her bed and just pull out the drawer when needed. The wheels make the drawer much easier to slide out!

What do you think of this project? Let me know by commenting below and don’t forget to check Old Fashioned Milk Paint! You will be glad you did!


Essential oils suitable for cleaning kids gear

Hey, everyone! I have a guest post for you today!!ย Chelsea Mills is guest posting on the blog today and she has some really great info regarding essential oils! Give this a read through and let me know what you think!!


Essential oils suitable for cleaning kids gearoil1.PNG


Kids are great responsibilities and you need to take special care of them. It is a well-known fact that most of the commercial detergents are full of chemicals, which are not appropriate for treating the kids’ stuff- from clothing to their toys. The best way for cleaning kids’ gears is by use of cleaning agents, free of any toxins. You may be even surprised that your favourite essential oil have cleaning power, which even can disinfect and leave fresh fragrance. It is not hard to find these drops of nature, which best suits your needs. It is easy and safe for the kids’ health. Read the following article and get information about the essential oils, which are most suitable for treating children’s gears.


There is one universal rule, which you need to stick to in the use of essential oils for your kids. Keep in mind that the essential oil should be always diluted, so that it won’t cause skin irritation. Even adding to the bath of the kid, you need to use vegetable glycerine, which will perform the role of a carrier. Introduce the essential oils bit by bit to your kid, since these can cause even allergic reactions. Don’t mix oils- stick to the use of one essential oil a day, until you are sure what exactly is appropriate for the delicate skin of your kid. The earliest age you can introduce the essential oils is 3 months, but not earlier.

The most recommended essential oil for kids is lavender. In fact, it is understandable since the scent of lavender is used to sooth the baby. The lavender is well-known with its anti-bacterial qualities, so that you can add it, when washing the kids’ sheets and nurseries. In that way, you will ensure the efficient rest of your kid and save yourself the numerous hours of baby cry.ย Image result for baby sleeping

The other very popular essential oil for cleaning according to some cleaners from London Cleaning Agency SW4 is the lemon oil. It is appropriate for disinfecting and quick clean-ups of the kids’ gears. We all know that kids are throwing away their pacifiers and toys on the floor. But the lemon essential oil is the perfect way to sanitise the item, before giving it back to the kid. Add couple of drops to the dishwashing liquid or use it like air disinfectant. It’s antiseptic influence is active for 20 days and you can safely use this essential oil.ย Image result for essential oils lemon

The chamomile essential oil, along with the already mentioned lavender, is well-known for its soothing effect. But it has also anti-inflammatory properties, so that you can use it also for washing the clothes of the kid.

The essential oil of the tea tree is widely used for kids. It has disinfecting properties and its smell doesn’t irritate the kid. You can even make your own wet baby wipes by using some drops of this essential oil.ย Image result for tea tree oil

For grown-up kids, who are older than 10 years old, you can use some stronger smells like eucalyptus. It is very powerful against germ and mites, but you need to be careful with its use because of the strong aroma.

Peppermint is also very popular for its disinfecting properties. Similar to the eucalyptus, it is recommended for older kids because of the stronger smell.ย Image result for peppermint oil

On the other hand the fragrance of the sweet orange aroma is great for kids, regardless of their age. It serves as a strong energizer and it is good for its calming effect. You can add couple of drops to the laundry, which serves as a good fabric softener.ย Image result for orange essential oil
Introducing the essential oils to the kid from an early age is the first step to meeting him/ her with the world. It is even proven that most of the kids, whose gears are treated with essential oils have stronger immune system. As a parent, you need to look for efficient ways to protect your kid’s health and the power of Mother Nature is the most appropriate way.



Craft Room Feature

craftroomfeature.pngHi, friends! So we spend so much time sharing our gorgeous, fun and creative projects, but what about the rooms we create them in?? Shouldn’t our craft rooms share in the spotlight?

I am going to share a little secret with you โ€” my craft room is not one that should be shared. It is not much to look at, but the good news is (and if you follow me on Facebook, you will already know this) my husband and I bought our first home!! EEEK!!! We are so excited and most important there is a nice little room that I will be converting into a craft room. That’s right!!! An entire room all for me!! Right now, my “craft room” sits in a corner of the basement of our townhouse and it is very tight for space so I can’t wait to stretch out all my supplies and equipment into my very own room, but until we take possession and remodel, I am going to take this time to share some gorgeous craft rooms from all of you!

***If you would like to have your craft room featured on the blog, you can fill out the contact form at the end of this post.***

But let’s get into this week’s feature! This craft room comes from the very talented Maria Maniaci. I came across Maria’s pictures of her craft room in a Cricut group that I am a part of on Facebook. Take a look at her gorgeous space where she creates.

How could you not come up with some creative projects in this space!?ย 16522177_1361016030621447_1770957550_oMaria refinished this gorgeous hutch. She got this hutch at a steal of $40. The knobs are her favorite!ย 16466833_1361016047288112_621722183_oThe sewing machine fits perfectly!ย 16492406_1361016123954771_434665728_oA shelf with 62 slots for cardstock! Wow!!ย 16466400_1361016137288103_626870235_o

I think I am going to have to make a vinyl holder just like this one! Amazing!

“We used left over cabinet underlayment (from my kitchen) put 2 pieces together, used clamps to hold it made a pattern n used a big circle drill n cut both pieces at same time. That way they lined up perfectly. We built a nitch when we put walls up and slid it it. Added a lil trim molding to keep it from sliding out. The depth we used between the two pieces of underlayment (that is just thin wood) was 9in” – Maria16466512_1361016043954779_1031788058_oAnd what a ribbon collection! Maria describes how she made this ribbon holder – “Left over scrap wood was used for my ribbon. Had no idea I had this much lol RIBBON HOLDER- 5’x2′ used left over laminate piece of shelving (Home Depot) for top,2 sides n middle cut 6 shelves n then drilled a hole in sides and ran a wooden dowel from hobby lobby through it n painted I white. Screwed it right in the wall. Height is 25″ n shelves are 7″ deep”16466454_1361016107288106_59458199_oLove that sign, too. “Grave changes everything.”

The hidden chalkboard inside the cupboard door of the hutch is a great touch!ย 16466368_1361016060621444_623698191_o16523581_1361016110621439_1240223340_oMaria did an amazing job with her craft room and when it comes to designing my own I will definitely be referencing these pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

If you want to have your craft room featured, feel free to fill out this contact form ๐Ÿ™‚