Makeup Vanity Makeover with Country Chic Paint


Hi, friends!! I am soooo happy to share my newest DIY with you all! This is one of my favorite projects to date! This project was so easy to do and all because I was working with some pretty amazing paint! It is no secret that Country Chic Paint isΒ among my favorites and once you see this makeover, you will understand why! πŸ™‚

So let’s dig right in!

Take a look at this vanity before I got my hands on it.


I picked up this little gem at my new favorite Antiques Market.


It was a little rough, but I knew with a lot of elbow grease and some amazing paint, I could bring this piece up to date.

I also found a great little chair at the market to fit with my vanity.


The vanity was $40 and the chair was $19. I was very pleased with these prices, as I have been searching for a vanity for a while now and with the rise of DIYers, people seem to be upping the prices for old furniture.

Ok, let’s get into the good stuff!

The top layer of wood was peeling off really bad, so I decided to chip away at it and remove it.


This proved to be a harder task than I initially thought. The glue was still pretty stong in some spots.

I used a chisel and as well a palm sander and within a couple of hours, I had it all off.

Underneath the top layer of wood, the remaining wood was in really great shape!

Once I sanded everything down, it was time to start painting β€” my favorite part!


For this project, I wanted a paint that I know and trust β€” also, a paint that I know will hold up over time. Country Chic Paint was a great choice for this project and the color I chose was Elegance. It is what I like to call the most elegant shade of blueish- grey. I love blue and grey and this shade is a perfect mix.


I painted the entire vanity and the drawer fronts and let this dry for 12 hours. I only needed one coat πŸ˜€

After the paint had dried, I went over some of the edges and a little bit on the top with Country Chic Grey Wax.


I wanted to give the vanity a bit of definition. I am not a fan of the flat paint look.


Just look how great this Grey Wax looks of the edges of the feet.


I gave the wax 12 hours before applying the Tough Coat from Country Chic Paint. This is the most durable sealer that I have ever worked with. It is amazing. It seals furniture and leaves a smooth, durable finish.

I picked up these chic knobs at the market, too. Love them!

This vanity didn’t have any drawer pulls, so I had to make my own holes. This is super easy to do. Just measure to find the center and middle of the drawer front.


Then drill a hole using a drill bit that matches the width of your drawer pull screw.


This is a close up on the chair seat. I wasn’t fond of it at all, so I decided to refinish it with some chic fabric.


I also gave the wire frame of the chair a much needed face lift with a coat of new spray paint.


I am sooooo in love with my new vanity!!!


What do you think?


I love that there are plenty of drawers for storage. This piece is everything that I was looking for and I am glad that I got to put my own touch on it.


I got all the drawer pulls from the same Antique Market where I got the vanity and the chair. It is my new favorite place!


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Til’ next time!



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