Front Porch Makeover

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As we start to get into the swing of things in regards to being homeowners, there is one job that I have wanted to tackle ever since moving day — the front door.

Our front door isn’t the worst door in the world, but let’s just say it’s no Craftsman style which is my dream front door but just so happens to cost around 2 grand — and that’s for the base model. 🙁 Maybe one day, I will have that door, but that day is not today… or tomorrow, well you get the idea.

Our front door is what you would call builder basic and pretty much EVERYWHERE. It is like the standard door around my city. It’s on almost every other house. The problem with ours is that it was (was being the key word here) white. I wanted a bright pop of color for our front door.

That’s exactly what I got!

I ventured far outside of my comfort zone with this one… really far. This is not something that I thought I would like but it turns out I love it!

Let’s talk paint… I went with Curb Appeal from DecoArt. I have used this paint before and it’s amazing. I used it for my Grandma’s door (I will be posting that one soon!) and the color was so vivid and it has held up really well.

For my door, I went with Cottage Moss.


This was my door before.


Notice the poor little 94 on the side on the brick… don’t worry I have a solution for that!

First things first, I started by taping off the door handle, lock and semi-circle window (which I later painted anyway because I didn’t like the trim left white)


Oh, and I removed the wizard knocker. My husband liked it but it kind of creeped me out.

This is one coat of the Curb Appeal


That’s pretty good for a first coat.

Second coat done.


And that’s all she needs! This paint comes in a 16oz container and I only used half of it. 2 full coats and I still have a  ton of the paint left! That’s pretty good!

My freshly painted door looked great! My mailbox not so much…


I mean it’s alright, but I have this thing about brass fixtures… and by “thing”, I mean I hate them.

So… time for a little mailbox makeover!

I got this Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint from Home Depot. I love this stuff.


You can use this on metal, plastic, wood — it works great!

First things first, I had to lightly go over the mailbox with a bit of 100 grit sandpaper. This is just to ensure that the spray paint would get the best coverage.


Then I did two light coats of spray paint. Remember, when you are working with spray paint, light and even coats are the way to go.


While the paint was drying, I headed down to my craft room to make a stencil with my Cricut.


I used the negative cut as a stencil to number my mailbox.


I wanted to make sure the numbers would really pop and be visible from the road so I went with a nice vivid white paint.


As you can see, you can still see the Oil Rubbed Bronze a bit so I did two coats of the white paint.

Once the white paint had dried, I removed my stencil and then I sealed the white paint with a clear coat spray.



Like it?? I sure do!!

Want to see the whole new look… 18159930_10155301852284851_617738754_o

Like I said, this color is totally out of my comfort zone, but I ended up totally falling in love!!

You never know until you try, right?


Let me know what you think by commenting below!

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