Ava’s Sweet Treats Stand



I hope that everyone had an amazing long weekend!! For those of you who aren’t Canadian like me, we were celebrating Victoria Day yesterday!

I would like to share with you all what we were up to!

In the very small town of Thamesford, where our shop is, there is a parade every year on Victoria Day. We thought we would whip The Stand out to the front and do it up for the parade.


I have fond memories from when I was a child of working at various, “stands”. First, we had the Grandkid’s Stand β€” a stand that my father had built outside at the front of my grandparent’s house. We used it to sell the vegetables that my grandfather had grown.

There was also the chip wagon that we used to have. It was at a farmer’s market near by and my siblings and I all learned how to work the fryers and the till.

I learned many valuable lessons, skills and I attribute my strong work ethic to working there with my mother, uncle and grandfather.

So imagine my delight, when my daughter was so eager to sell candy, pop and chips at our stand during the parade!

Ava had a great time talking to the customers β€” she even came up with her own little song she would sing to get the customers enticed to buy.
“Chips, pop and candy kabobs. Come on down and get them”… or something like that lol πŸ™‚
It was so sweet to see her doing this.
My son and niece helped out a bit, too!
Doesn’t this just melt your heart!?

It was such a fabulous way to end a long weekend!

Ava is already asking when we can set up the Sweet Treat’s Stand next!





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