This Summer’s Best Campfire Treats

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GUYS! Campfire season is upon us!

Now that we have moved into a home of our own, I plan to have many a campfire in our new backyard — also, the previous homeowners must have known that we like a good campfire because they installed a backyard fire pit!

This summer, I have decided that we are gonna step up our marshmallow game, though. I was doing some digging around on Pinterest and I found some pretty delicious looking campfire treats. I’m not selfish, though. I am gonna share my findings with all of you!

Take a look and try not to drool on your screen. 


S’mores In A Bag

A Girl And A Glue Gun


Campfire French Toast


Campfire Cinnamon Rolls

The Baker Chick

 Campfire Apple Pie French Toast Rolls

The Kitchen Magpie

Raspberry S’mores

All in All

Campfire Banana Boats

The Kitchn

Campfire Cones


Roasted strawberries in marshmallow fluff


Apple Pie Packets

The Country Cook

Campfire Donuts

The Touring Camper

 Campfire S’mores Granola

The Big Man’s World

 So there you have it! This summer’s must have campfire treats! Try some of these out and let me know how they taste!

You’re gonna want this list for the whole summer so make sure you pin it!


Keep on makin' stuff!


4 thoughts on “This Summer’s Best Campfire Treats

  1. Oh my, I gained 10 lbs just looking at these yummy looking treats. They not only look yummy, but fun to make to. Can’t wait to give them a try

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