Sheriff Callie’s Wild West Birthday Party


Well, if you saw my post on Facebook, you’ve no doubt already seen that we had quite the birthday party in our family yesterday!

It was my niece’s 3rd birthday and my sister threw quite the party! My niece, Audrey is a lover of all things animals and she just loves the show Sheriff Callie’s Wild West, so my sister (the amazing mom that she is) spent months creating a pop up wild west town out of giant cardboard boxes.

This town looked like it was right from the cartoon show itself!


This DIY town was made large enough for the kids to actually go inside and play.

But first things, first — when you walked into the party, you had to pass through the Saloon doors.


Toby, was there to greet you — the kind-hearted cactus that he is.

Upon arriving all the children were given their own bandanna and a sheriff badge.

This is my little nephew Logan, rocking his sheriff badge and bandanna.


My sister made sure that her entire backyard looked like something straight out of the show, too. She had made cardboard cactus to display everywhere.


There was a lasso station


But let’s get to the pop up town because this was seriously so cool!



^^^^That’s the birthday girl herself and her partner in crime, Lucy. Lucy is my sister’s lovable St. Bernard.


My little guy got busted!



The party snacks were also done up in the party theme. My sister made up adorable cards for each snack.


Even the games fit with the theme. The kids got to pan for “gold” in the sandbox.


And of course, no wild west birthday party would be complete without a pony ride.

Here’s the birthday girl!


This party was a huge success!! The best part? It looks like it would have cost a fortune, but when you DIY most of the decorations you save a lot of money!

With a little creativity and imagination, you can make your kid’s birthday party spectacular!


If you have a child that loves Sheriff Callie, make sure you pin these ideas so you can use them for their next party!


Keep on makin' stuff!



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