Mini Cork Triangles

Mini Cork TRiangles.png

Happy Friday! The weekend is almost here and to get you started here is a great easy and quick DIY.

I whipped up a couple of mini triangles out of cork. These are cool because they provide a little decor for you desk that is also functional. This project is so easy, just take a look!

All you need: 

  • a piece of cork tile from the dollar store
  • Acrylic paint ( I used Americana from DecoArt)
  • An utility knife
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • painter’s tape
  • Dimensional Design Adhesive paint from E6000 (optional) 


First thing you’re gonna do is cut out some triangles out of your corkboard tile. You can make them any size you want.

I used a ruler and a pencil to draw my triangle.


Next, you use your utility knife to cut out your triangle. Make sure you cut on a mat or a surface that you won’t care about wrecking.

I used the ruler to guide the knife to cut a straight line.


Once you have your triangle cut out, use it as a template to cut out three more triangles.


I used this product to glue my triangles together. It’s an adhesive paint from E6000. It’s a gorgeous bronze/copper colour.

I like this because it’s more like a paint and I didn’t want glue showing on the edges of the cork.

If you don’t have this, you could just use a hot glue gun.


Glue the pieces of triangle together to create a pyramid.

My adhesive paint looked like this.


I let it set for a bit and then I used a paint brush to brush the adhesive paint into the cracks for a more streamline look.

The adhesive paint takes about 5 hours to dry.

Once it had dried I used painter’s tape and painted my triangles.


This is where you can get creative and paint your triangles however you like 🙂


Let them dry, remove the tape and then set them on your desk! It’s that easy!


If you like this idea, make sure you Pin It!

Here is an image you can pin to your favorite boards!

Mini Cork Triangles (1).png

Keep on makin' stuff!


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