Linktree has totally changed my IG game!

Hey guys! Have you heard of linktree?

If you haven’t, then keep reading and even if you have, keep reading because this site is gonna change your Instagram game.

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If you are a regular user of Instagram, you know how annoying it is that you can only include one link in your Instagram bio.

This site changes all that. linktree is summed up exactly by it’s name — a “tree” of links that you can make so that you can include more that just one link in your Instagram bio.

Here just take a look. When you click the link in my IG bio, this is where you will be taken:


From that screen, you can click anyone of those links to go to the respective sites.

No more just being able to link to just one site! So cool, right?

This website is also super easy and user friendly, too — meaning that you don’t have to be a total computer scientist to figure it out.

When you go to linktree, you will be asked to log in with your Instagram


After logging in, you’ll be asked to select a plan. For what I need, the free plan is just fine for me — you can make the selection that suits what you need, though.



After selecting your plan, you need to enter your name and email.


So far so easy, right?

Now comes the fun part — entering in your links. Simply click the button that says “+ADD NEW BUTTON/LINK”


Then you add the title of what you want the link to be and the URL.


Continue to add as many links as you want until you get a fabulous full link tree — just like mine lol


Up in the top right corner of the screen is the link to your linktree.


This is the URL that you will put in your Instagram bio.

To do this all you have to do is go to Instagram, click on your profile…


Then click on “Edit Profile”


You put your linktree link in the website spot.


Make sure you hit “Submit” down at the bottom, refresh your screen and then go back to your profile and click the link in your bio. You should now be redirected to your brand new linktree.

Easy Peasy! Now your IG followers can get so much more when they visit your IG!

There is always room for a Barbara Jean gif… any Reba fans here?

Anyway — I highly suggest that you use linktree in your IG bio… you want to take every chance to get a click to your website, Facebook or anything else you want to link up!

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