Oh boy! Laundry Woes

Oh boy!

So if you follow my blog, you know that at the end of August we added another member to our family — our little Zoey.

Zoey is a rambunctious but lovable little pup. She’s 1/4 french bulldog and 3/4 pug. She has brought so much joy to our family and my daughter is totally taken by her.

I thought that I would get really bothered by all the hair but it hasn’t been as bad as I would have thought.

That is until my sister took it upon herself to welcome me to the club of dog owners with this picture…


That is the filter from inside my sister’s front load washing machine.

And this is everything that she pulled out of that filter.


Really gross, right? I am sorry that I had to share these images with you but I am blown away that this is even a thing — I had no idea that washing machines have filters.

My sister told me that she thought her washing machine was broken because she was getting an error message when in fact, all she needed to do was clean the filter.

My sister has a Samsung washing machine. Here it is and the arrow is pointing to the little door where the filter hides.


She sent me this pics with this message…


She’s funny, isn’t she? LOL

I have a top loader at home, but you better believe that as soon as I get home I am gonna see if I have a filter that needs to be cleaned — especially now that we have Zoey.

I keep all the manuals for my major appliances so I am going to go home and check. If you don’t have your washing machine manual, I would suggest doing a Google search to see if you can find it.

Do you know if your washing machine has a filter? Share in the comments below if you knew about this and be sure and share this with a friend so that they can go home and check their washing machine, too!

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    • Hi, Yolanda. Not all do, so you will have to check your owner’s manual or type your make and model into a Google search and see what comes up! 😀

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