Glow Stick Bath

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My poor little nephew has been having a rough go of it lately. Little Logan hasn’t been feeling the greatest.

He has been bogged down with an ear infection and fevers over the last couple of days.

My sister wanted to to do something special for him to help him feel a little better and I have to say that this little parenting hack is gold.

It’s so easy and cheap to do, too!

Kids need to have a bath, right? Make their bath time extra fun every once in a while by turning of the lights and tossing in a couple of glow sticks.


My sister said that Logan LOVED it! — “he was in there for like half an hr and would have stayed longer but past bed time and water got cold”.


He loved lining up all the glow sticks like they were his dinky cars LOL

So the next time you give your kids a bath, give this a try! You can even pick up glow sticks for super cheap from the dollar store!

If you try this, let me know if your kids liked it!

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