Bench Makeover With County Chic Paint


Well, hello friends! I have another amazing furniture makeover to share with you!

I can’t take credit for this one, though. This beautiful project was done by my sister, Roni. She wanted to get in on the fun and see what this Country Chic Paint was all about. Plus, she has this bench in her home that she has wanted to makeover for a long time.

This bench was made by our Great Uncle Jim and given to our mother. It was an house fire and my uncle restored it. It’s a gorgeous bench but just didn’t suit my sister’s style.

I convinced her to try painting it and I love how it turned out and so does my sister.

This is the bench before:


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this bench, just didn’t suit my sister’s style.

To makeover her this bench, my sister chose Enchanted from the Limited Edition colors from Country Chic Paint.


Before beginning to paint the bench needed to be sanded down. This bench was coated with a very thick coat of some sort of polyurethane sealer. It gave the bench a very shiny finish and that definitely needed to come off before painting.

It all came off with a little elbow grease and with the help of a palm sander.


The bench was given a good wipe down and then it was time to start painting!


The bench was given two full coats of paint.


My sister didn’t really care for the full painted look, so she took a piece of sandpaper and ruffed it up a little bit.


Without further ado… here is the bench now.


And of course, a new bench wouldn’t be complete without someone to test it out!


That is my sister’s dog, Faith. She is always great if you’re looking for a model.

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What do you think about this makeover? Leave me a comment below and let me know!


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Keep on makin' stuff!


3 thoughts on “Bench Makeover With County Chic Paint

  1. Don’t get upset, but as for me, I like the before picture of the bench. Red, blue, black, winter or hunter green, brown, yellow or even white I think would have knocked it out the park. The bench itself is absolutely breathtaking beautiful.

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