Fall Pom Pom Blanket

Fall Pom Pom Throw

I was out on the hunt the other day for a beautiful fall throw. Spoiler — my hunt came up short.

I was shocked and blown away at some of the prices on these blankets. $75 for a throw for my front porch!? I don’t think so. Nope, the cheapness in me just wouldn’t have it.

The following day, I took my hunt to Fabricland — right to the back of the store. Ah, the clearance section. My favorite.

Back in the clearance section I was able to find some plaid fleece that was on sale for $10 a meter. I had them cut me a meter and half. So in total $15.


Now, you may not know this about me but I am not much of a seamstress. I don’t mind sewing, it’s not my favorite and I am not the greatest at it. I can do it but it’s not anything I would be comfortable showing off.

So I wanted a quick and easy no-sew throw option. I consider just throwing this fabric over my rocking chair and calling it a day, but I decided it needed just something a little extra special.

I found some yarn that I had been stashing away.


Matches so well!

I decided to make some pom poms for the edges of the blankets.

Here is a great little hack to remember so that you can make a whole bunch of pom poms at once.

Start by finding a small table or bench with four legs. I used my piano bench.

Flip it upside down and then start by tying your yarn around one of the legs of the bench.


Then, start wrapping your yarn all around two legs, like so…


When you feel like you have enough yarn, cut it and then tie it off on one of the other pieces of yarn at the leg.


I wanted my pom poms to be big and fluffy, plus different colours, so I added an other colour of yarn over top.

Same thing, tie your yarn around one leg and then start wrapping.



***Note: The more yarn the bigger and fluffier your pom poms will be.

Next, I grabbed some crafting wire. This is just standard thin wire used for making wreaths.


I am using wire for this next step because this will help make your pom poms indestructible!! You could also use string for this part instead. I would stay away from yarn, though. You have to pull really tight and the yarn has a tendency to break.

Time to make some sausage links!! That’s what I call it, anyway lol

I started a close as I could get to the leg of the bench and wrapped the wire very tightly around the yarn.


Then just work your way down to the other leg. I left about a 2-3 inch space between every wire.

Gently pull it off the legs of the bench and this is what you should have.


See what I mean about sausage links?

Now, you’re going to cut in-between the wires.


It’s much easier if you slide the scissors in-between the yarn and cut a little bit at a time.

Once you have them all cut, they look like this. You can trim them up so that they are more uniform and also trim the wire that dangles down.


Next, I attached the pom poms to my “blanket” or rather my piece of fleece material that I had cut at the fabric store.

To do this, I thread a piece of yarn through and underneath the wire in the middle of the pom pom and then tied it tight around the wire.


Side note— a neat little hack for threading yarn through the eye of a needle without it splitting?

Use a piece of plastic tape!


Back to the project at hand, after you have tied your piece of yarn to your pom pom, keep the yarn threaded through the needle and then just push the needle through the corner of your fleece and then tie it in a knot.


That’s it! Pretty easy, right!?

I added pom poms on the four corners and then the middle of each side.

So, what do you think about this easy DIY throw?



If you like this, make sure you pin it to your Fall DIY board!

See reallygreatsite.com for suggestions, pegs and more!.png

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Sheriff Callie’s Wild West Birthday Party


Well, if you saw my post on Facebook, you’ve no doubt already seen that we had quite the birthday party in our family yesterday!

It was my niece’s 3rd birthday and my sister threw quite the party! My niece, Audrey is a lover of all things animals and she just loves the show Sheriff Callie’s Wild West, so my sister (the amazing mom that she is) spent months creating a pop up wild west town out of giant cardboard boxes.

This town looked like it was right from the cartoon show itself!


This DIY town was made large enough for the kids to actually go inside and play.

But first things, first — when you walked into the party, you had to pass through the Saloon doors.


Toby, was there to greet you — the kind-hearted cactus that he is.

Upon arriving all the children were given their own bandanna and a sheriff badge.

This is my little nephew Logan, rocking his sheriff badge and bandanna.


My sister made sure that her entire backyard looked like something straight out of the show, too. She had made cardboard cactus to display everywhere.


There was a lasso station


But let’s get to the pop up town because this was seriously so cool!



^^^^That’s the birthday girl herself and her partner in crime, Lucy. Lucy is my sister’s lovable St. Bernard.


My little guy got busted!



The party snacks were also done up in the party theme. My sister made up adorable cards for each snack.


Even the games fit with the theme. The kids got to pan for “gold” in the sandbox.


And of course, no wild west birthday party would be complete without a pony ride.

Here’s the birthday girl!


This party was a huge success!! The best part? It looks like it would have cost a fortune, but when you DIY most of the decorations you save a lot of money!

With a little creativity and imagination, you can make your kid’s birthday party spectacular!


If you have a child that loves Sheriff Callie, make sure you pin these ideas so you can use them for their next party!


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DIY Fall Crate

diy fall crate

Well it’s that time again! Fall is pretty well here! Today it didn’t feel like it, though — on account of the fact that is was 30 degrees. That didn’t stop me from decking out my front porch, though!

Before we get into the fancy pictures, take a look at the DIY Fall Crate that I made. OK, so I didn’t actually make the crate — I bought it at Home Depot BUT I did turn it into something pretty special.

It’s not hard to create something beautiful when you are working with amazing paint! For this DIY I used paint from The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company.


The colours that I chose were Driftwood and Snow White. The great thing about this paint is that you can mix different colours together to create your own custom colours.

Before we get into the painting, here are the materials that I used for this project.


Like I said earlier, I picked up a crate from Home Depot. These crates are great because they are ready to go. This large one was around $10.

I also picked up some caster wheels and some corner brackets — you’ll see why later.

First things first, I painted the crate. I started by mixing up some of the Driftwood shade, but before painting, I added a bit of the Snow White to it. Just a tiny bit.


I let that first coat dry and then mixed up some of the Snow White. If you have never worked with OFMP before, don’t worry — it’s super easy! You just use a one-to-one ratio of the powder and water. If you want to use if like a stain or a wash, just add more water.

I wanted to just dry brush on the Snow White to make my paint look more rustic.


Since it was so hot out, my paint dried really fast.

Next, I wanted to add a chic/industrial feel to my crate so I added the corner brackets on front corners.


I wanted to raise the crate up a bit so that it wouldn’t sit right on the porch, I also wanted to make it easier to move it around so I added some cast wheels to the bottom.


I also picked up this adorable little chalkboard from the dollar store.


Some people complain that the stuff from the dollar store is cheap and doesn’t last but I like to use that to my benefit! I was able to rip the easel portion off this chalkboard with ease!

I painted the frame and then attached it to the front of my crate with some twine.


Alright, so are you ready to see my front porch!!??

Pop a couple mums in this baby and she’s ready to go!


I also made this blanket today! It only cost me $15!! I will be posting this tutorial tomorrow! It’s super easy!


If you guys like this DIY, make sure you save it to your fall Pinterest boards… I know you have one!! 😉


Beechtown Sapphire Suites.png

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The Sorry Girls Milli Meetup

The sorry girls.png

Hey, friends! The summer really got away with me but now that it’s back to school, I am hoping that things will slow down a bit!

I have a great post to share with you today. This is not a DIY, but something really cool and an amazing experience that I got to be a part of!

A couple of weeks ago I headed down to T.O to the milli meetup with The Sorry Girls.

I have been following these very talented ladies for quite sometime. I love their DIYs because they are fresh, original and totally cool! These ladies do so much more than just DIY, though. They are funny, engaging and really make you want to get up and DIY.

Kelsey and Becky, recently reached 1 million followers on YouTube so they held a milli meetup in the YouTube space in downtown Toronto.

My mother and I went down to celebrate with them and it was so much fun!

Here are some pics from the event that I wanted to share with you.



The Sorry Girls had a draw to win this beautiful table that they made — sadly, I did not win 😦 



My mom and I 


Meeting The Sorry Girls


These two were so nice and it was such a pleasure to meet them! 


At the end of the night, there were presented with the Gold Play Button Award


This thing was seriously cool! Makes me think I need to start putting a few more videos onto my YouTube channel 😉 


Overall, it was a fabulous night — we even got to make little succulents to take home! I got the girls to sign mine 😀


Did I mention that the appetizers and desserts were delish!?

If you haven’t heard of The Sorry Girls before, you have to check them out! They are fantastic!

Here are some links to their pages!

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/user/TheSorryGirls
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/TheSorryGirls/
Website –  http://www.thesorrygirls.com/


We Added A New Member To Our Crazy Fam!

Meet (1).png

Hey everyone, you might have noticed that I have been a little MIA recently! Well I have some big news!!

We added a new member to our crazy little family!! 😀

That’s right — we now have a four legged fur baby!

Meet Zoey.


Zoey is a sweet little pup that we picked up just this past weekend. It’s been a little crazy in our house as we are adjusting to life with a puppy.

I am surprised at how good she is, though. We have a had a few accidents but not as many as I thought!

Zoey is 1/4 bulldog and 3/4 pug. She is fun and playful and has totally fallen head over heels for my daughter Ava.

Seeing the two of them playing and having fun just makes your heart melt.


Before picking up Zoey on Saturday, I knew I couldn’t welcome her into the family without making her something — that’s what I do! I just love to DIY gifts.

So I made her her own little bed from an old chair that I picked up at the side of the road.


I only needed two tools to do this, too.

My Ryobi Jigsaw and my Ryobi Palm Sander 


I began by using my jigsaw to cut of the legs of the chair. This was so easy to do and this handy little (but mighty) jigsaw cut right through without hesitation.


Once I had the legs gone it looked like this


Next, I used my palm sander to sand down the edges where I cut.


This sander is the best! It’s quick and easy , plus it operates off the RYOBI ONE+ batteries. Getting these batteries was the best thing I ever did! I am slowly building my tool collection so that I have all the RYOBI ONE+. No power cords required!

Makes me think it’s time to upgrade my jigsaw! 😉

Time to paint!!!

I used Americana Decor Chalky Finish paint in Smitten mixed with just a tiny bit of Timeless.

I added the Timeless shade just to dull the smitten just a bit. I didn’t want it to be too bright.



After the paint dried, I used my Cricut to put Zoey’s name on her gift!


Kind of looks like a hard bed, though right? Don’t worry, I can fix that!

Here is the no-sew pillow bed that I made to sit on top of the chair — I mean, bed.

I started with an old pillow and two old receiving blankets that used to be my daughter’s.


The pillow was just a little bit too long for the chair seat.


I used a pair of scissors and I cut the pillow to fit the size of the seat.


I laid the pillow on top of the two receiving blankets. It doesn’t matter at this point if they are right side up or down.


Next, I cut off the corners, like pictured below.


Then I cut little slits in both receiving blankets, making my way all around.


Separating the two receiving blankets, I then laid one down, then the pillow and then the other receiving blanket on top.


Now all that’s left to do is to tie the frayed pieces together. Just a simple knot will do.

For extra strength at the corners, I crossed the frays and tied them with the fray diagonal to it.


Once the frays were all tied, I had a cute little pillow for Zoey’s new bed.


Now all we need is a Zoey!

There she is!!


We love our new little pup! 🙂 She has become quite the loving addition to our family!!

If you have a pet that would love a little bed like this make sure you pin this idea to your DIY board!


DIY PET BED (1).png

If you know someone with a dog that would love this, make sure you share it with them, too!!

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Is It Too Early For Fall Decor?


Ok, so don’t get mad at me, but I am wishing the summer away. Why, you ask? Well, because after summer comes my most favorite time of year — Fall!

I am noticing a certain theme among many of the DIY bloggers that I follow and that is that we all seem to really love Fall. How could you not, though? Everything from the crisp colors, the leaves, pumpkins — even the fashion is amazing. Who doesn’t love a chunky sweater with a great pair of boots?

This week I have started to plan out my Fall front porch. It is our first Fall in our new home and I really want to do it up nice. Don’t worry I am not going to be the kooky lady on the block with her porch decorated for Fall in the middle of August, but I am definitely in plan mode.

If you’re ready to plan, too — take a look at some of these gorgeous Fall front porches to get some inspiration.

Front Porch Signs

The Wood Grain Cottage

Jennifer Allwood

Bless This Mess

Ella Claire

Crates, Baskets & Hay

Fall Crate Display

Gray House Studio 

Anderson + Grant

Three Pixie Lane

OK – I want that screen door!! 😍😍😍😍

Our Vintage Home Love

Taryn Whiteaker

Last but not least — a good Fall tartan

Stone Gable

FALL BACK PORCH- Antique Buchanan Tartan-stonegableblog.com

Stone Gable

Make sure you have all these ideas when it comes time to decorate your porch! Pin this image to your design board!


Know someone that loves Fall? Make sure you share this with them, too!

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DIY Stoplight Nightlight


So my little guy has been asking for a night light and I decided that it was due time that I made him one — cause why buy when you can make, right?

My mom had these old lights at the store that have been kicking around forever and I thought that they would be perfect for stoplights — and I was right!

Just take a look at this DIY nightlight I made! Be sure and watch the video at the end to see thing thing in action, too!

Here are the lights before I painted them.


I also got this great piece of barn board that I scooped up off the side of the road on the ever so famous Thamesford Spring Clean up week.

I cut the barn board to the size that I needed using my Ryobi Orbital Jigsaw. This Jigsaw is easy to use and I have used it for so many great projects — one of my go-to tools.


Next, I painted the inside of the lights with an acrylic paint — of course, I painted them the colours of a stoplight.



To make this a functional stoplight, I used my drill and a 7/8 spade bit to drill three holes in the barn board so that I could feed Christmas string lights through.


I attached the lights over the holes where the Christmas lights were coming through and viola!


Pretty cool, right?

It looks even better all lit up at night in my son’s room.


Give this video a quick watch so you can see this DIY come together from start to finish!

If you like this project make sure you Pin it!

You never know, you may just come across some lights like these, too!

DIY (1).png

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