I’ve Tried Hand Rolled Ice Cream And I’m Never Going Back

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So if you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen the post I made about this drool worthy ice cream — if you didn’t here it is


So there is this little ice cream place called Roli Poli and it is right on Richmond Row in Downtown London. I came across their Facebook page one day and I have been dying to get over there to try it out!


I decided that tonight was the night and no one was going to stop me!! Plus, it was a perfect night to go because some of our favorite people from Cornwall were down visiting and it made for a great after dinner treat!


Here the kids are anxiously waiting to dive into their ice cream. From Left to Right — Ava, Sophia, Chloe and Dougie.

Spoiler Alert It was more than worth the wait! 

OK … so first of all, I have to start off with that this is the BEST ice cream I have ever had! It’s made completely fresh and right in front of you.


If you have never had hand rolled ice cream you should make it your mission to find a place that does this! If you’re local to London or live even remotely close to this area just go to Roli Poli!


You won’t regret it!

Not only is the ice cream so delectable, but the staff are also friendly and helpful.

So if you’re in London and you’re looking for a delicious summer treat stop by here!

Check them out on Facebook, too! Give them a like and drool over their photos!

This is just our experience, but take it from a true ice cream lover — we will be back!!

Just look at this!!!


Yes, you are seeing that right — that is a toasted marshmallow! Ava got the S’mores Galore!


Mr. Douglas got the Lil’ Loopy — perfect for any Froot Loop lover!


At the end of the day just remember…


You said it, Roli Poli!!! 😀



Raspberry Cordial — Just like Marilla used to make.

raspberry (1).png

You may not know this about me yet, but my favorite novels are the Anne Of Green Gables series from Lucy Maud Montgomery. I have loved them since I was a little girl. I also LOVE the TV mini series that was made in 1985 — the one starring Megan Follows.

Image result for diana barry drunk gif

No one will ever play Anne quite like her. 

I have always wanted to try Raspberry Cordial, ever since I watched Diana Barry get drunk off it — of course, as any great Anne fan knows, Anne accidentally gave her some of Marilla’s current wine by mistake. I must try that sometime, too!

Image result for diana barry drunk gif

I thought we would whip up a batch of Raspberry Cordial today. It’s Sunday and it was a gorgeous day to be outside for a picnic and I think I have found my new favorite drink.

If you love Anne as much as I do or even if you just want a drink that’ delish, keep reading so that you can whip up your own Raspberry Cordial.


Place your raspberries in a large metal mixing bowl and then squeeze the juice from two of the lemons over the berries.


We had a juicer dish so that helped, but if you don’t have one of these, your hands work just as well.


Kids love to help with this part!


In a separate pot, boil the water and add the sugar, mixing thoroughly until the sugar is completely dissolved.


While the water/sugar mix is still hot, pour it over the raspberry/lemon juice mix.


Allow the mixture to cool to room temperature.


Cover your mixture with plastic wrap and place it in the fridge.


Let the mixture sit in the fridge covered for 24 hours and then strain the mixture into a pitcher, and keep it refrigerated.

When you are ready to serve, chill it over some ice and garnish with a slice of lemon.



Enjoy this refreshing beverage on a nice summer day! Great for a picnic!

And if you haven’t seen Anne of Green Gables, you should give it a watch! Well worth it!

Make sure you pin this idea to your favorite board so you have it for later!

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This Summer’s Best Campfire Treats

This Summer's.png

GUYS! Campfire season is upon us!

Now that we have moved into a home of our own, I plan to have many a campfire in our new backyard — also, the previous homeowners must have known that we like a good campfire because they installed a backyard fire pit!

This summer, I have decided that we are gonna step up our marshmallow game, though. I was doing some digging around on Pinterest and I found some pretty delicious looking campfire treats. I’m not selfish, though. I am gonna share my findings with all of you!

Take a look and try not to drool on your screen. 


S’mores In A Bag

A Girl And A Glue Gun


Campfire French Toast


Campfire Cinnamon Rolls

The Baker Chick

 Campfire Apple Pie French Toast Rolls

The Kitchen Magpie

Raspberry S’mores

All in All

Campfire Banana Boats

The Kitchn

Campfire Cones


Roasted strawberries in marshmallow fluff


Apple Pie Packets

The Country Cook

Campfire Donuts

The Touring Camper

 Campfire S’mores Granola

The Big Man’s World

 So there you have it! This summer’s must have campfire treats! Try some of these out and let me know how they taste!

You’re gonna want this list for the whole summer so make sure you pin it!


Keep on makin' stuff!

Ava’s Sweet Treats Stand



I hope that everyone had an amazing long weekend!! For those of you who aren’t Canadian like me, we were celebrating Victoria Day yesterday!

I would like to share with you all what we were up to!

In the very small town of Thamesford, where our shop is, there is a parade every year on Victoria Day. We thought we would whip The Stand out to the front and do it up for the parade.


I have fond memories from when I was a child of working at various, “stands”. First, we had the Grandkid’s Stand — a stand that my father had built outside at the front of my grandparent’s house. We used it to sell the vegetables that my grandfather had grown.

There was also the chip wagon that we used to have. It was at a farmer’s market near by and my siblings and I all learned how to work the fryers and the till.

I learned many valuable lessons, skills and I attribute my strong work ethic to working there with my mother, uncle and grandfather.

So imagine my delight, when my daughter was so eager to sell candy, pop and chips at our stand during the parade!

Ava had a great time talking to the customers — she even came up with her own little song she would sing to get the customers enticed to buy.
“Chips, pop and candy kabobs. Come on down and get them”… or something like that lol 🙂
It was so sweet to see her doing this.
My son and niece helped out a bit, too!
Doesn’t this just melt your heart!?

It was such a fabulous way to end a long weekend!

Ava is already asking when we can set up the Sweet Treat’s Stand next!




How To Be A Better Mom Even Though You’re Just So Tired

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I was 23 when I became a mother and I was not prepared in any way, shape or form for how my life was about to change. It took its toll on me in a huge way. Five years after my first child, I became a mother again — and was still not prepared. I now had to adjust to life with two children.

When I was on maternity leave with my second child, there was a day that I will never forget and it’s a day that I hope to never relive.

This day ended with me locking myself in the bathroom. Tears streaming down my face and clutching my legs, I tried to compose myself so that I could go on and resume my life like a mother should.

Why was I so upset?

Minutes before I locked myself in the bathroom, I had completely lost it on my husband because he had the nerve to ask me, “What did you do today?”

WHAT DID I DO? Are you kidding me? I unleashed in a fit of rage a long list of things I managed to accomplish in my zombie-like, sleep-deprived state. I could barely look at my husband because I wanted to rip his head off. I resented him for even having the nerve to ask me such a basic question. “What did I do?” I mean, really!

Looking back on this day, that’s a side to myself that I hope to never see again.

Not only did I lose it on my husband, but I also took my anger out on my kids. I was miserable to be around and motherhood was taking its toll on me.

It’s so easy for us mothers to blame anger or lack of patience on being exhausted.

Parenting is hard — really hard — but for the health of your kids, your spouse, and even yourself, you cannot let anger consume you through exhaustion.  

That is the lesson I learned that day. This lesson that brought me to tears and made me snap on my husband for simply asking, “what did you do today?” was one hard lesson.

Looking back I realize that he was actually asking how my day went. He was trying to start a conversation. I was so blinded by my own rage and exhaustion, I couldn’t see that.

So what’s the answer? How can we be great moms even though we are so exhausted? It’s an exhaustion that brings us to tears and has us begging for some sort of relief.

Although I don’t have all the answers, I do have 10 tips that have certainly helped me. These tips might seem simple and so obvious, but as mothers we forget the simple things. We’re busy and life gets hectic, so take a minute for yourself and read through these tips. They might just surprise you.

This one is a struggle, especially for someone like me who loves their sleep.

I have to admit that there are days where I don’t do this, but I can tell you that on the days I do get up before my kids we have a far more productive day.

If you can take care of yourself before you have to meet the needs of your kids, it can really help improve your mood for the day.

Kick start your day with a nice hot shower.

There’s nothing better than feeling refreshed first thing in the morning — and a shower can totally do that for you.

It may be hard to find the time to sneak in a hot shower, but it’s totally worth it to try.

So often, moms fall into this stereotypical “mom uniform.”

It usually consists of some sort of sweats or leggings and a baggy shirt. Make it a point to get up and put on clothes that you would feel comfortable leaving the house in.

If that’s yoga pants and a clean shirt that’s cool, but at least make sure you’re getting out of your PJs.

OK, take that with a grain of salt.

I don’t mean stop cleaning all together, I mean just stop stressing about it. A bit of mess is OK. We have to do a certain amount of living, so to keep our houses looking like something out of a magazine is ridiculous.

Nobody lives like that — well, at least people with kids don’t.

You know what the Snickers commercials say — “You’re not you when you’re hungry.”

This is so true. Don’t forget to eat. Even if it’s just snacking here and there, you’re no good to your kids if you’re hangry.

If your kids are driving you up the wall — and this will happen — get outside.

Go somewhere where there are no walls and let them run free for a bit. It will totally help.

If it’s crappy out, try and take them to an indoor play place. Let them climb the walls there and you can sit down for a few minutes.

Sure, rules are necessary, but there are some rules that you can totally relax on.

We need to throw this idea of perfection out the window. No one is a perfect parent — no one.

And on that note, don’t worry about what other parents are doing and stop comparing yourself to other moms.

While we’re talking about rules, it’s totally OK to say no. 

“No” is such a powerful word and you should use it to liberate yourself. Realize what you can handle and then just say no to all the rest.

Make time to talk to another adult each and every day. 

There is only so much baby talk and singing that we can handle. Make time to have an adult conversation with a spouse or friend.

Let’s not forget that we’re more than just parents.


This is a big one. 

When you’re up in the middle of the night rocking a screaming baby, it’s so easy to say you wish they would just grow up — but remember, there will come a time when you have no baby to cuddle or rock.

By following these 10 tips, I’ve greatly improved myself — not just for me, but for my family as well. I wouldn’t trade the sleepless nights, screaming kids, or even the potty training for anything.

I am proud to be a mother. Cherish the moment and be grateful for it.

Here’s one of my favorite moments.

What’s yours?

If you have any tips to share, help a mother out! Share your tips by commenting below! 

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Til’ next time 😀


An Empty Doritos Bag Made Me See My Daughter In A New Light

and it was then that it hit me. She is copying me!.png

So I know this girl, her name is Ava and this girl named Ava likes to save every little thing. This girl named Ava is actually my eight-year-old daughter. I feel absolutely terrible for doing this, but when she is at school, I will go into her room and throw stuff out.

Does anybody else do this? I can’t be alone in this, right? Come on moms, please tell me you do this, too.

Some days it breaks my heart to throw out her drawings and doodles… but she doodles just so damn much! I couldn’t possibly save everything. Doodles and drawings aside, she also collects stuff — rocks, empty containers, rocks…did I say rocks? She has a thing for them lately. I hung up her coat the other day and it weighed waaay more than it should have. I unzipped her pocket and a handful of rocks fell onto my kitchen floor. She quickly ran over, scooped them up and headed to her bedroom. I think she knew that I would throw them out. I think at one point every kid has a rock collection, though.

Although, it did make me stop and think — is this more than just typical kid stuff or is my daughter headed for a life of hoarding? Because rock collections I can live with, but it was another incident that really had me asking myself some serious questions.

We were at Subway with my mother and we had just finished our meal. I had gotten up and started to clean up our garbage from the table. Seems normal, right? My daughter had just finished her bag of Doritos and I sat there and watched her carefully rip open the bag. She peeled it open like she was Charlie peeling open the chocolate bar to find a golden ticket.  She ripped the bag open so that it was flat like a piece of paper.Have you ever watched a kid doing something so intently. The look of determination on their face is almost inspiring. Anyway, I went to clean up the table and she stopped me when I grabbed the bag.

Image may contain: 3 people, people sitting, people eating, child, food and indoor

“Hey, what are you doing?”, she asked as if I had just ripped off her right arm.

“I am getting rid of the garbage”, I said. She told me next that she wanted to keep the Doritos bag. “I was saving that”, she said in the world’s saddest voice ever.

This was my face in that exact moment.

Related image

“Huh? Ava, why on earth do you want to save a piece of garbage? You know that’s garbage, right?” I asked her.
But, I just couldn’t get over it. Why would she want to save a piece of garbage? Out of all the things she has saved this was by far the strangest and the fact that she took the time to peel it open made it even more strange to me.
This was one of those parenting moments where I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, “what the heck is wrong with you???” but kids don’t really respond well to that, so I thought I had better try and rationally figure out what was going on in her head.
So, in my calmest, most understanding mommy voice I could muster up, I asked her why she wanted to save piece of garbage. Ava looked at me and responded, “I want to make something with this. This is a perfect piece for a craft.”
It was with that one simple answer that it hit me — she is copying me! ME! My daughter sounded just like me. It was like I heard my own voice coming through a tiny little eight-year-old.
Then I realized, SHE GETS ALL THIS FROM ME. All the keeping of stuff and things — that is me! I have an entire craft room full of Doritos ba— totally just kidding. I DO NOT have a craft room full of Doritos bags. In all seriousness, though… I do have a craft room jam packed full of stuff that I am saving. Stuff that I just can’t bear to part with because you never know when you are going to need it for a DIY.
My daughter is watching me, learning and aspiring to be just like her mother and in the only way she knows how. The more I pay attention to her the more I see it. Although I didn’t let her take home the Doritos bag, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride. This was her taking an interest in the things that interest me.
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, closeup and indoor
So yah, I have a whole craft room full of stuff. Maybe too much stuff, but the way I look at it, there are way worse things in this world. If I want to have a craft room full of stuff I am saving that I might one day use — so be it.

And you know what, I am going to use this as a learning opportunity. This is now a great thing that we can do together. Rather than just throwing the bag out and not paying attention to why she wanted it, I suggested to her that she and I could work through my craft room together. I let her know that she can help me with some of my DIYs and together we can work our way through some of the stuff we collect.

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and food

So, the next time you think your kid is doing something strange or weird, talk to them. You never know what is going on in their minds. They might just surprise you.

Besides, imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Makeup (4).png

Let me know in the comments below if your kids try to copy you, too!

What It Means To Be A Mother

I often get asked what it is like to be a mom. To fully understand what it’s like to be a mom, you just have to be one. You cannot understand what it’s like until you have been up all night with a screaming baby or until you have had to clean barf off of your favorite shirt, not once, not twice… well, you get the idea. And if you’re a mom, you fully understand what I’m talking about. When I got pregnant with my first, someone once told me that I would love bath time: she said “it is the absolute best,” if I recall… “Their soft skin and big eyes looking up at you, and when you take them out of the bath and wrap them up in a soft warm towel, you cradle them and listen to the soft adorable coos.”

Remembering all of this and what she had said, I thought I would try to make the most of this moment with my daughter. So I scooped her out of the bath and wrapped her up in a soft towel made to look like a duck, a frog or some other wetland creature. I can’t really remember the towel, but there we sat the two of us, staring at each other like we were the only two people in the world and it was magical… until she pooped on me. This is what it means to be a mother.

Welcome to Motherhood.