Dollar Store Farmhouse Decor


Ok, guys… so let me start off by saying that ever single bone in my body is aching. It was a long week, but we are all moved in to our new home and now the real fun begins. I may be tripping over boxes and clutter but I do LOVE to unpack! My DIYs have been on hold on account of the fact that I cannot yet get into my new craft room due to all the boxes, but I am going to set aside some time this week to get it done and all set up.

We had a bit of a delay in unpacking due to the fact that I had to paint every square inch of my house. The previous home owners chose some awful (and very dark) colors. Four coats of paint later and my daughter’s room is now a light pink rather than an eye piercing dark turquoise.

Anyway… I did find a little time to head out to the dollar store and I made my first piece of farmhouse style decor for my kitchen. It was super easy, too!

I found these topiary balls at the dollar store and as well as this set of three metal pails. Perfect for a farmhouse style kitchen! 17902836_10155255227259851_112278334_o17836664_10155255227399851_368016455_o

I thought that the topiary balls would just sit nicely in the pails… I was a little off on the sizing. 17886916_10155255227364851_661238974_o.jpg

They looked a little ridiculous. Since the pails were wrapped in plastic, I couldn’t check in the store. Rather than feel defeated, I found something better to do with them. My arms were still aching from all the painting I had just done, but I gathered up what little strength I had left and I pushed the topiary ball down into the pail. This sounds easy enough, but these little artificial gems are tougher than they look. 17902931_10155255227134851_736520980_o.jpg

There! That looks much better! I set my new pails and greenery up on my kitchen shelf, but to my dismay, when I woke up the next morning, the topiary balls were on the ground… “What the…?” Apparently they had expanded back out and popped right out over night. Nothing a little bit of hot glue couldn’t fix, though.

I now have them secured and looking great in my kitchen. 17887635_10155255227289851_762432425_o

What do you think? Do you think Joanna Gaines would be proud?? 😉

Here is a quick little video I made, too! Check it out and if you like this project, be sure and share this post with your friends!

I have lots more to share about the new house, but I am going to let my bones rest for a few days!

Til’ next time 😀



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  1. I’m going to try this project using milk paint on the buckets, maybe make them look antique. What do you think, Holly. Thanks for sharing this fun DIY!!

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