DIY Fall Crate

diy fall crate

Well it’s that time again! Fall is pretty well here! Today it didn’t feel like it, though — on account of the fact that is was 30 degrees. That didn’t stop me from decking out my front porch, though!

Before we get into the fancy pictures, take a look at the DIY Fall Crate that I made. OK, so I didn’t actually make the crate — I bought it at Home Depot BUT I did turn it into something pretty special.

It’s not hard to create something beautiful when you are working with amazing paint! For this DIY I used paint from The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company.


The colours that I chose were Driftwood and Snow White. The great thing about this paint is that you can mix different colours together to create your own custom colours.

Before we get into the painting, here are the materials that I used for this project.


Like I said earlier, I picked up a crate from Home Depot. These crates are great because they are ready to go. This large one was around $10.

I also picked up some caster wheels and some corner brackets — you’ll see why later.

First things first, I painted the crate. I started by mixing up some of the Driftwood shade, but before painting, I added a bit of the Snow White to it. Just a tiny bit.


I let that first coat dry and then mixed up some of the Snow White. If you have never worked with OFMP before, don’t worry — it’s super easy! You just use a one-to-one ratio of the powder and water. If you want to use if like a stain or a wash, just add more water.

I wanted to just dry brush on the Snow White to make my paint look more rustic.


Since it was so hot out, my paint dried really fast.

Next, I wanted to add a chic/industrial feel to my crate so I added the corner brackets on front corners.


I wanted to raise the crate up a bit so that it wouldn’t sit right on the porch, I also wanted to make it easier to move it around so I added some cast wheels to the bottom.


I also picked up this adorable little chalkboard from the dollar store.


Some people complain that the stuff from the dollar store is cheap and doesn’t last but I like to use that to my benefit! I was able to rip the easel portion off this chalkboard with ease!

I painted the frame and then attached it to the front of my crate with some twine.


Alright, so are you ready to see my front porch!!??

Pop a couple mums in this baby and she’s ready to go!


I also made this blanket today! It only cost me $15!! I will be posting this tutorial tomorrow! It’s super easy!


If you guys like this DIY, make sure you save it to your fall Pinterest boards… I know you have one!! 😉


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Keep on makin' stuff!


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  1. As I was viewing your beautifully done project it occurred to me that my teachers in grade school used to write with chalk on a wet chalkboard. Once dry, this would not erase with a simple eraser but had to be erased with a damp cloth. This protected the work from being accidentally smudged or erased. Thought this may be useful for some of your viewers.

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